MX 73 Cressida fuel pump

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G'day, all. Mate of mine has an MX73, '85, 5MGE sedan. Wont start. Diagonosed fuel pump issue. Looking online can't determine from the plethora of offerings which is the correct replacement fuel pump. [EDIT: Starts with ether sprayed directly into intake and appears to run normally for a few seconds till ether evaporates]

Some ebay offerings look suspiciously cheap, others look "Toyota Dealer" expensive.

Budget is serious issue, need to get cheapest replacement that won't die in a month. Around AU$100 seems ot be the sweet spot.

There's a Walbro one code Gss 342 claims to be for an MX73.

Another one from Fuelmiser claims the same, code FPE273.

Superficially, from photos, look the same.

How we we determine which to order?

Any recommendations?

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