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Kakdu pulls right under braking


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Hello TOCA people!

Hoping to get a potential diagnosis for why my yota is pulling to the right quite significantly!

My car:

2012 Prado Kakadu KDJ150
Wildpeak AT3W - 265/60/18 @ 40 PSI, approx 50% tread left
Remsa HPT pads (recommended by BrakesDirect)
Fremax Carbon Plus rotors (recommended by BrakesDirect)
Fulcrum Suspension 2" lifted shocks and king springs (approx 4 months old)


Car pulls right under med/hard braking and it needs me to steer left to make the car pull up straight. Locking the brakes up makes the car brake straight.

I have replaced:

Thinking that it may be a stuck caliper and/or glazed pads, I have changed out:

All 4 rotors
All 4 brake pads
Brake fluid
Front caliper pistons/seal kit

Yet to inspect:

Rear brake calipers/pistons
Upper/Lower control arm bushings

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I have only recently become aware of the need to grease the slider pins on the brake calipers. Rear passenger side wheel was not rotating as freely as compared to the rear driver's side wheel. After looking at a number of YouTube videos on the topic of seized or binding slider pins, the recommendation was to be using an anti-seize grease as a preventative measure. I just happened to have Penrite Copper Eze anti-seize grease. There was also a difference in the thickness of the rear brake pads on one wheel so I ended up swapping them around when I greased the slider pins. 

Just mentioning this as something else to inspect when checking the rear brakes. 

Definitely give the control arm bushings a thorough inspection and look for any cracks in the rubber bushings and movement in the control arms. 

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