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2000 Hilux Clutch replacement


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I own a 2000 Hilux Workmate RZN147R with the 2 litre motor and G54 transmission. I am looking at replacing the clutch but have foreseen one problem that may make it a bit difficult. The cross member at the rear of the transmission that holds the torsion bars is welded to the frame. It overlaps the transmission even with the transmission is fully installed. I can't see how to remove the transmission without having to move it back to disengage the spline and then tipping it down enough that I can then move it forward until the end clears the cross member. I am wondering if this is too cumbersome to attempt under the vehicle with vehicle stands raising it up at home and if I should have it done by a repair shop with a proper hoist to work under. Has anyone else done this repair?

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Honestly mate, it looks more daunting than it actually is. I put a new clutch kit in my 2001 RZN147r, Got a Clutch Industries Aust Heavy Duty kit. The trans will slide back up over the rear x-member, just remove rear trans mount, I actually had the wife operating the trolley jack while I manouvered it out of the splines on the clutch plate and lowered it down 

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Hi Conrad,

Thanks for that advice. I am presently waiting to receive the clutch on order from the local Autobarn so I will hopefully get it put in sometime this week. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.


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Hi Conrad,

I put the new clutch in a few weeks ago with no problem. I bought a good trolley jack and then cut two 200mm by 200mm 10 mm plates, one bolted on top of the jack, the second  attached to the other plate with two 100mm hinges. This made it possible to lower the transmission while changing the angle and still having the transmission firmly strapped to the top plate using a standard ratchet strap. This made it quite easy. I changed the clutch in my previous 83 hilux around 1992. I can't remember how I did it but I think I may have just huiked the bugger out by hand. Thirty some years late I am a bit more cautious and less strong and also less cheap. The modified jack was well worth the investment. Thanks again for the advice.

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Good to hear mate that it all went well, I was in the same boat, Last clutch was over 20years ago, thoughts kept running through my mind and I informed the wife, can't believe I use to be able to scamper underneath and actually pull, wiggle and lower these bloody gearboxes down on my own, ahh memories

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