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Brake system noisy when coming to stop

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So not long ago had both cv shafts replaced & car was driving beautifully again.

Washed the car couple days ago, and by coincidence (?) when slowing down to a stop, at about 5kph the brake pedal violently shudders for a couple seconds as the car finally stops, almost feels like traction control kicking in

Thinking it might be a failing transmission, I downshifted shifted manually into first & the noise still appeared, so I'm leaning towards the abs system, sensor etc but I know nothing of this. Any ideas?


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Did you wash the car just after having a drive? If so you may have still had the disks hot and when hit with water they warped. I've had this happen before. You will need to have them ground or replaced.


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No, car was stationary. So my regular mechanic spent the day checking it out to no avail unfortunately 😩

Will book it into toyota

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