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hilux 2009 3.0 engine issues

Paul Snell

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Hi All,

Where do i start i guess at the beginning, I bought a 2009 hilux 3.0l last year with a new MOT on it ran it all year without issue. Went in for its mot and failed badly on emissions. My mechanic ran tests and found all number of issues.

Basically i have bought and put in a 2014 engine thats suppose to have done 72000 miles. I have had to refit the original fuel pump injectors, air intake etc to get the wiring loom to work as the new engine had a completely different loom and plugs on all the ancillaries. Got it in fired it up and it smoked the place out at first then cleared out but it had a injector knock and will smoke if you hold it at 3000rpm anything below that it run perfect. We thought it was the injector as the ones from the original engine had done 200000miles. I had them tested and two injectors out the four were bad. so i got a service exchange set of new injectors and put them in, got them coded so all the lights on the dash went out. Started it and it filled the place with smoke again which after letting it run slowly cleared abit so i took it out for a thrash to try and clear it abit which it did but it is still showing the same traits as it did before i got new injectors you rev and hold it at 3000rmp and it smokes like its over fueling and when you rev it the diesel knock is still there. My and my mechanic are loosing the will with it but ive invested so much in it now that it needs to work for me. Can anyone help?   

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