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2019 LC76 4.5 V8 Injector issues


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Hi everyone.

New to the site. Love my LC76 and never had an issue with it (except doing an alternator in some muddy bog holes) until earlier this week when un-expectedly my engine, service and traction control light came up on the dash. I live in outback Queensland and still a fair way from home I chose to continue driving it. Oil pressure was good and engine didn't feel or perform different.

Got it to my mechanic who said there's an electrical issue with no. 2 Injector. We cleared the codes and the fault lights haven't come back on the dash but in case they do I would like to be organised and know $$ wise what I will be up for.

As with most cruisers mine has had a fair few modifications including exhaust, remap, G450 turbo upgrade, g turbo power pipe and 200 series air box.

Does anyone know compatible and quality hi flow injectors I can use for my beast? Ive spared no expense on the build and reliability is priority to me so would like a quality high flow option if anyone can make a recommendation.

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Bailey's Injector group..They DLC more than just the shaft like the stock Denso injectors.

Run a 2 or 5 Micron Secondary Fuel Filter. This will make the Injectors last well over 400K if you change both the Filters regularly.

Be very very careful when reading + injector values.. More times than not the ECU is compensating for a lazy Pot

If the Engine has no EGR delete then the Intake will need cleaning, and normally it's Pot 4 that suffer first due to a less than tuned intake and the preferred intake airflow path

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