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  1. Well my friend ended up taking it to the audio store for installation. Took off the stock speaker and bracket. Then drilled 6.5inch MDF spacers into the door panel. That was all that was needed really. Although we should of told them to spray the MDF to prevent it absorbing water, but too lazy now to take it out. Friend just wants to enjoy the music now.
  2. Well soon im going to try and install Boston S60 splits 6.inch for my friend's corolla sedan. I took some pictures of the speaker bracket. From what ive read so far, the stock speaker will be destroyed since its glued on? Also i just drill out the rivets right? Although looking at the bracket, im not sure how the new speakers will fit on since it doesn't seem to have any space for me to drill to allow the screws to attach the speaker to the bracket. Can anyone here give me tips or directions here on what to do. Thanks
  3. xGSiR

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    My Supra
  4. hey blue_rolla, come to www.supraforums.com.au Come to the Sydney Supra cruises sometime! I own a white 95 Toyota Supra myself, NA though. Depending what area you are in Sydney, we should go for a photoshoot sometime =] You should just get a TRD wing for the car, it would look sweet!
  5. xGSiR


    Im assuming your driving a NA Supra? Very lucky in the first place to own one at such a young age! =]
  6. Thats one nice ride man, Toyota Chaser, can't go wrong with that. Nice powerful 1JZ-GTE VVTi single turbo, mmm response must be damn good!
  7. no wonder that purple struture thing looked familiar, its at Highpoint shopping centre :)
  8. xGSiR

    Non turbo

    Head over to http://www.supraforums.com.au/forum/ thats where you will get good answers, but let me give you a briefing. An NA supra is very decent, i just got one myself a month ago, you get decent power coming from the inline 6 engine. Although the TT is in a class of its own. The SZ model is the non-turbo and the RZ is the Twin Turbo model. Supras (Mark IV) began production in 1993. In 1996 they got a make over with black headlights, and greyish tailights. And some minor interior adjustments as well. In 1997 they introduced VVTi to the 2JZs. I just got a recently imported one for $18k driveaway. A clean white supra with stock bodykit.
  9. Looks good man! Who put in the projectors in for you? Im planning to get the KIPOINT hid kit as well. Wasnt sure if i should get 7000k or 9000k. Your lights arent purple at all right? I want to have what i had before, 8000k colour. Nice white/blue.
  10. Importing will take a while dude, time consuming but then you can could save a few thousand. What is your budget anyway? If you going to get a NA Supra, might as well buy local, because the most you would save if your just buying a TT that is.
  11. I heard getting aerotop Supra are sorta risky since structure of the chassis would be weakened without the roof on so when taking corners in sprited driving, it causes more flex. Although it would be cool for those summer nights. My preference right now is a white Supra NA manual. One with side skirts and rear pods would be heaps good and with 18inch wheels.
  12. I wonder how it feels to have the gear stick higher then usual? It means you cant rest your arms on the center armrest console eh.
  13. Damn that looks real neat and tidy. Although the pocket is sorta small, i would usually put my mobile and wallet in that area