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  1. i have 19" and lowered. : ) One problem with having 19" and 20" is the cost of replacing tyres especially if you are going for better tyres. Gd luck if you want michelin sports 3 tyres..
  2. Geez whats wrong with these people trying to critise others, If you don't like it then don't freaking go.. nobody cares whether u join or not..
  3. I would like to know that as well.. saw an Audi with that.. really good.. :)
  4. Steven helped me installed mine when i bought it about 1.5 years ago.. there are a couple of us with that installed.. we did a group buy back then from Bangkok.
  5. What are u after? If it's just ducktail or roof spoiler then u can get it from ebay.. the seller is local (Brisbane) and is located at slacks creek so it is easier and much faster..
  6. Congrats on your new buy.. !! Hope u will enjoy your Aurion... time to do some mod.. hahahhaha :)
  7. Did I??? Haha sorry... hmmm did I go to slacks creek yesterday...
  8. Did I??? Haha sorry... hmmm did I go to slacks creek yesterday...
  9. I will be there tonight. Finally got a thursday that i will finish at 6.30pm.. just nice for a quick dinner before going to the meet. :)
  10. Hey Be Nice to me Steve... starting to read on the post again.. !!
  11. U got a really good deal... i also have the Bridgestone RE050A and loving it..
  12. If i am not wrong, i think i did mine at SOuthside Toyota for around $500-$550.. not sure the exact... when i am home i will check that for you..
  13. Hahahah..not as good as your car Andrew... been a long time since i clean and take care of the car.. !!
  14. Not waving anything bro, never my intention when i said that.. just would like to go with a few friends thats all.. its alrite.. most likely i will be going with my friends..