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  1. After doing the above I suggest parking your car in front of your garage door. Turn on your lights and look for the top line of your headlights against the garage door. Get some tape out and mark that point. Keep turning the adjustment. If it goes up or doesnt move, try turning the adjustment in the other direction. You should evenually to a low enough point that is reasonable. Then go park say a car length behind another car and adjust your lights till you cant see in their rear window. Go back and park against your garage then try and even up both lights. Then test on the another cars rear window. If you cant see in its all good. If you do then re-adjust your lights. Hope that helps. i parked mine about 3 car lengths behind another car and did that. My driver side light is lower than the passenger side light tho so I dont blind on coming traffic.
  2. Ive also seen the black stivo on chromes in the north!
  3. I was at Livo westfields on Saturday - I dont have a rear lip tho:P Spotted tonight - Grey corolla, chrome rims, rear projector lights, full body kit, white bulbs, skinny male driver:P saw you at Gordon outside pizza hut I think picking up some dinner.
  4. i think we getting type R hatch here in Aus ... i seen another website with real pics and interior looks HOT
  5. Spotted Blue 1ZZ in Randwick racecourse this morning for the CA exam. plates RON-55? with rims, male driver
  6. Ye saw the same car on seven hills road. Its like a cosmic blue echo color. yeah that guy is a mate of Sunny's I think, He came out to one of the meets We gotta try and get him to come more of our meets :D Spotted: Today - Chatswood Chase Carpark Silver Facelift Stivo with Gold rims and lowered near the escalators.
  7. Blue pre facelift rolla with chrome rims, lowered turning into Pentecost Ave Turramurra Saturday Arvo Black stivo with rims and lowered Monday night (tonight) heading up mona vale rd past the gordon pacific hwy overpass blue rolla with grille and rims not lowered on a street off kent st city on Sunday day time near westpac building. (was doing my CA tax class on sunday and saw it :) )
  8. yeah that was me in the carpark though wasnt me in arvo, i was sleeping in a lecture theater lol Spotted Today on pacific hwy heading south passing pymble station Red rolla with dark rims and sticker on rear window Tonight at around 530pm on George St outside QVB - Black rolla with sunroof and lowered and rims and exhaust number plates EVL-???
  9. hmm depends if ur gonna change your mind tomorrow and want to buy something else haha
  10. thanks heaps everyone!!!!! i'll post some more pics of it soon niw that its lower ohh and show off the 19" Lenzo Modify's :) i'll be comming to the next meet so we can go for cruzies together!!!!! Now you can go for a stroll in the park and push your kids in the corolla *cough* pram *cough*:P Looks good none the less
  11. Guys, XR6 Turbo would beat the stivo stock vs stock. In terms of $$ value of mods $5k of mods on a XR6t vs 5k on a stivo .. the XR6T would BLITZ the stivo. Some CHEAP mods available to easily obtain 290-300kw at the wheels. Also the 6 speed AUTO is faster than the manual transmission in the ford.
  12. Spotted yesterday (Saturday) on Lane Cove Road heading West - Silver Stivo with male driver and dumped on stock rims. pre face lift model at 11:45am Spotted Friday: Silver stivo parked on Kent st (i think) near the PWC building near the turn on to the harbour bridge lowered on chrome rims.
  13. what u mean extra parts? i thought it comes with everything except the tools to tighten it up
  14. 4300-4500K HID? why not go 4300-4500K globes same brightness less cash same colour temperature. different brightness or rather lumens. halogens will never be same as Xenons, sorry. Agreed - HID alot brighter if ur concerned about brightness get the bulbs then .. wont have the same look tho
  15. Bill - uve donated ur engine and installing a Prius engine right? u turned enviro and the fuel prices hurting too much. :P
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