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  1. Thanks for the reply, I ended up getting (generic/custom made) at the following site: They fit really well and seem to be good quality as well of which I got the middle of the road quality they offer..
  2. Hi All, My genuine floor matts need replacing again but I've found Toyota don't stock them any longer for the Corolla Sportivo 😞 .. any idea where I can find a set still? I prefer mats that are mounted like the original Toyota ones rather than generics that tend to slide around///
  3. Hi Kenshin Did you ever find a compatible OBD device/app that works with the Corolla Sportivo? Cheers!
  4. Looks like the RE002's have been released in Australia.. Bridgestone just gave me a quote on them and said they will be replacing the current RE001's eventually.. If any one's tried them or knows the main benefits between the RE001 and RE002 would be good to hear your feedback.
  5. Thanks for the details... I've also found that KMart seem to have good prices and at the moment they also have a buy 4x tyres and get a $100 voucher: They also seem to say when you purchase 2 or more tyres in the one transaction after every 10,000km up to 50,000km you'll receive: FREE 4 Standard Computer Wheel Balances FREE Tyre rotation, performed if required FREE Tyre air pressure check As per the following URL: Not sure how that compares but sounded like a good deal as well so though I would mention it but I'll check out Beaurepaires as well.. thanks for the details :-)
  6. Thanks for the reply all... I will look into the following as well as recommended and get prices on each: Goodyear eagle f1 Maxxis street cruisers Dunlop SP 3000A It’s good to heard that many have not noticed any issues with the Bridgestone Adrenalin 205/50R16's as this is the one I was leaning towards until I started reading about so many saying they were shocking in the wet with poor grip, but looks like you guys have not had any issues so feeling more confident with the tyre now. As mentioned I’ve been quoted $189 (first and only quote so far) and don’t want to spend too much more than that per tyre to be honest… If anyone else has feedback/comparisons on the Bridgestone RE001’s please post your comments as well. All the best!
  7. How are you finding the tyres? I'm also looking at them and been quoted $189 with fitting and balance for the Bridgestone Adrenalin 205/50R16's and wanted to see what you and others thought of them please. I've read some comments online (various forums/web sites) that some report very poor wet weather performance once the tires get a little ware on them? ; Also some have reported wheel spin in the wet when previous brands did not (eg, KU31 in one case). I also found the following site that listed user’s reviews and they are down the list a little, but only with 16 votes so far and to be honest these are personal review so no read data to back it from what I can see and other similar web sites report different positioning so a little confused at the moment and your and any other users advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. How are you finding the tyres? I'm also been quoted $189 with fitting and balance for the Bridgestone Adrenalin 205/50R16's and wanted to see what others thought of them... I've read some comments online (various sources) about wet weather performance can be an issue once tyres have some mileage on them; also some have reported wheel spin in the wet when previous brands did not. I also found the following site that listed user’s reviews and they are down the list a little (but only with 16 votes so far)
  9. I got mine adjusted at Toyota a while back, what the guy told me there is the clutch is meant to be slightly higher up then the break pedal, this might be a quick way to check if you need to do the adjustment or not, if it's the same height or below you most likely need to adjust... That's what I've been told any way and since they've adjusted mine it's been great every since... and before that it was shocking even needed a gear box rebuilt because of the damaged it caused... :-P Cheers Fudge
  10. As far as I understand it it's not lift at all. VVTI is basically variable valve timing on the inlet side. Duel VVTI has both variable valve timing on the inlet as well as exhausted side. It does not have extra injectors or any thing like that... Must be the extra torque you are feeling :D
  11. I'm gonna try and make it tonight, if you guys don't mine having a look at my CAI install and giving me some tips on how to get it done properly in the face lift Stivo that would be good (I did a bit of a dodge job, and got ****** at the end of the day so just left it... LOL ) Are we meeting a little earlier today or normal time of 9:00pm? Cheers Fudge
  12. Hi All Thanks all for your help/replies... (Also Northy for the phone call!) :) All greatly appreciated! I also found the following guide after reading a little more, that helped me out more in the beginning I will try and get to the Thursday meet this week and hopefully Northy can take a look at it for me... it's not a great install but have run out of time and have had enough for now... LOL Cheers once again all! Have a good night Fudge/
  13. Hay David... Thanks for that feedback.. I've decided to remove the bracket that is supplied to install near the fuse box, I don't think it's needed? Also don't think the pod will fit without hitting on the spotlight (Norty, said we should look at getting a elbow rubber joint to push it away slightly). just wondering where to get it and what size..etc..etc... The CAI also seems to push against your fround head lights quite a bit but not sure if this is going to case any issues. I'm also having some difficulties understanding the instructions on where that second bracket goes (as there is some large cables around there that I think it's going to cut into over time?) and whats meant to attach to the bracket... Could any one that has already installed it in a sportivo perhaps PM me there phone number so I can give you a call and talk to someone about it, or get some pics uploaded of the sportivo install? Cheers Fudge
  14. Hay if any one has installed it into a Facelift Sportivo, please could you let me know if I could give you a call, I'm trying to install it at the moment and have run into some issues... Many thanks! Fudge
  15. Received the CAI today... hopefully get round to installing this weekend :-) Any idea what slight elbow joint I need to get for the pod to push it away slight from the face lift Sportive version? (part number and best place to buy in Brisbane?) Cheers Fudge