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  1. After a bit more research and digging, I've settled on getting the Clarion NX501 installed to replace the factory unit, as well as another camera to complement it. Installation is scheduled for late April, so I'll post more details (as well as photos and a review) then.
  2. I can confirm that my Feb 2012 built KX-S has the new unit (Level 2 Digital Audio).
  3. Picked mine up today with 14km on the clock and half a tank of fuel.
  4. Picked it up this afternoon. What can I say ... just amazing! Even enjoyed the traffic on the way home. :) Good luck to everyone else hunting for one. You won't regret it.
  5. Update: Car is at the dealer's, waiting for front parking sensors to be installed tomorrow. Will pick it up Tuesday afternoon. :)
  6. Congratulations mate! Well done. Two weeks to delivery is excellent. My delivery went from "you'll have it in three days" before the deposit to 30 March (estimated). :(
  7. Nice! Congratulations mate! Looking forward to the review ... :D
  8. Welcome to the forums, Mursil. I don't know too much about the 2WDs since I was focussed on the AWDs, but i suspect that you might be able to move that price down a little. Depends on a number of factors, including whether you're trading in, financing, colour, etc. Also depends on whether you're willing to invest the time talking to dealers and haggling with them. From what I understand, the 3.9% rates are usually special deals run by Toyota for certain events, like end of year or run out models (such as right now). The dealers have to subsidise the low interest rates, so you might struggle to negotiate the actual vehicle price at those rates.
  9. It's done. Went for the hard close, told the dealer that if he could do $53,500 I'd send the deposit through. He agreed. I transferred the deposit. :D It was pretty late in the day, so I don't have any paperwork except the quote that he sent me. Their accounts department did call me to confirm receipt of my deposit. Will chase it up tomorrow and kick things off with the financing. Thanks everyone for your invaluable advice, and for sharing your prices - especially to Keith, Scott and Dave. Knowing the possible prices really does help with the negotiations.
  10. Ok. I'm sold! :P Apparently there's one in stock, so I could have it by the weekend ...
  11. Typical. Hopefully it should be all set to go by Thursday. Makes me want to give in and put down the deposit tomorrow. Got all the finances sorted out today, so it's basically a question of being comfortable with the price. Noticed that I can't find prices close to yours and Keith's online at the moment. Am considering calling some of the rural dealers, although having a trade-in makes this hard since everyone wants to look at it first. The other problem is the aftermarket AVN I want put in. Am reluctant to get the dealer's apprentice installer to do it, so I have to convince the dealer to ship the car to one of my preferred installers before I take delivery of the vehicle (conditions imposed by novated leasing company). Let's see how we go. Good luck for Thursday, only two more sleeps to go!
  12. Did you pick up the Kluger today Dave? :D
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. Got quoted $54,500 drive away today for a Black KX-S AWD with mats, cargo mat, front and reverse parking sensors, mud flaps and tint on the front two windows. Originally had side steps on the shopping list, but having a closer look at them today realised that they probably won't get used. I didn't use them to get into the car, and had to stretch over them to get out. Since we've got a 9 month old as well as a 3.5 year old who needs to get strapped in, I feel that the sidesteps will probably get in the way more than anything else. Yeah, they look real nice, but not sure if I can justify spending an extra $1,000 on them. I can't help but feel that the price could go lower. I'd probably be happy with $53,500, ecstatic at $53,000. The car is going on a novated lease, which is why I need to add all the accessories now. Once I take delivery I can't make any modifications to the car. Will call a few more dealers tomorrow and see where I get to. I wonder if its worth waiting till the end of the month to start negotiating any harder ... Thanks again.
  14. Nice! I wonder if any of the Sydney dealers will come close to that. No harm in trying ... :) Three more sleeps to go, Dave. Congrats!
  15. Congrats Keith! Any chance you could PM me which dealer this was through? We're about to start our hunt for a 2012 KX-S AWD with the following: Black Floor mats Rubber cargo mat Side steps Front parking sensors Rear parking sensors Mud flaps Tinting (on all windows, except front, of course :)) The one dealer we've spoken to came back with $60,300 drive away. I also got fleet pricing at $57,997 drive away. An earlier post indicated a drive-away price of $56,000 which included all of the above plus metallic paint, tow pack, nudge bar, roof racks, luggage pod, and bonnet and light protectors. There’s also a post which mentions a fleet price of $52,613, so the offer you got for the AWD looks pretty good.