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  1. Hey guys After a set of oem zze123 facelift headlights to experiment with. Western sydney area. Contact me on 0401819039 Cheers Dan
  2. dead thread long shot. Still got facelift headlights?
  3. I had this problem. ECU reset every service interval (5000km) fixed this issue. Disconnect battery for 30-60mins. Works a treat.
  4. well done mate amazing to hear it running, sits dead still as well.
  5. amazing fabrication work once again. Well done. Temporary clamps on the exhaust? This build needs to be internationally appreciated.
  6. Hey guys So I've managed to build up quite a collection of second hand and brand new computing goods after upgrading recently. Some of this equipment was purchased brand new for thousands of dollar's as little as 2-3 years ago. All this stuff needs to go so make an offer! Everything has had a respectable life and been taken care of. Some of it was used professionally for graphic design purposes. OK so here we go... Product: Sony Vaio VGN-B99GP Notebook Details: Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, Intel Pentium M Processor 725 (1.60GHz), 512mb RAM, 40gb Hard drive, on board graphics a
  7. I was afraid of this. Thanks for the valuable info mate! appreciated. I have a Kumho brochure in front of me getting quotes on tyres this monday from Gordon leven motorsport. Shall price up the KU36's. They look pretty tuff. Cheers Dan
  8. yep 18x7.5 ideally with proxes R888 semi's but shall see how far the budget shall allow haha
  9. New wheels im thinking of ordering :D Yes this is a photochop ;)
  10. Also ordered and installed my TRD rear sway. Pretty impressed at the reduction of under steer it has provided. Tyres letting me down at the moment still.
  11. Hey guys! Long time no post. Cars going great few little updates to add :D So since Ill be draining the oil and coolant to install various sensors for my gauges, i figured Id give it a service with some new fluids. The next 5000km service was only couple 100kms away anyway so worked out quite well. As always encountered a few problems. Firstly the supplied wiring for the gauges motor sensors was far too short.. :s so i trimmed and soldered some appropriate wiring to extend the sensor harness. Secondly the sandwich / adapter place which goes between the filter and the block has a small l
  12. Hey mate Any chance those slim weather shields are for sale? if not where did you get them from? cheers dan
  13. prize awarded for cheapest coilover purchase ever lol
  14. Lovely piece of work. this is art.
  15. Cheers guys! thanks for the quick replies. Rota Grid R looks like the winner. Dan
  16. hey guys Seen these around a few times now trying to identify who makes them. No distinct labeling on the rim it self that I can see. Any ideas!? Dan Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  17. very impressive. Seems so tight in that lil mid engine bay good luck!
  18. rubbish. Don't let any uneducated, money hungry salesmen in the western suburbs fool you into buying their products. Nengun.com I bought mine from there for my 05 sportivo. I still remember the day Ian and I put them in and took it for a test drive, unreal feel and performance. Truly a feeling no King spring could deliver. Still running them now love them Dan
  19. insane fabrication work love it! Black is awesome
  20. fixed Re quoted for epicness and global domination. Mad cluster Good luck with the wiring *scratches head* :-| lol enjoy dan
  21. Check this thread twice a day cant get enough lol CHA54 - Redefining corolla epicness. Dan.

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