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  1. Hi Super Dave, Thanks for that will do as car going in this week for one............
  2. Have got 20,000kms on my kluger and is just a year old & notice my inside front tyres wearing a bit,even after i rotated my wheels and tyres at 10,000kms. i decided to rotate tyres around on rims to get a bit more wear out of the Brigdestones before i have to fork out for more 19" boots. And to get a wheel alignment done.......my question is how often should we be getting a wheel alignment done???? Mine is the FWD version as well B). Thought i wouldn't have to worry as much with the Kluger as i had a Calias before this and was a pain for scrubbing tyres out :(
  3. Evana, great to hear that you have them on and are going well... Hi Evana Any chance of a couple of pics of new rubber Would be cool B) looking at the options as we speak..........
  4. I'd recommend the steps if you have kids....handy extra step for them. I bought the toyota ones around $800 or so. other thing i thought was handy is the rubber boot mat protector for cargo area. Other things i got were, mudflaps,headlight bonnet guards,floor mats & towbar. Happy hunting
  5. Nah they are fitted from the Factory with the rear DVD entertainment system,fog lamps,black roof rails,moonroof & 19"Rims As well as the seven seats
  6. No, The Altitude from my under standing is a run out model type thing till the end of the Financal year. Not a bad thing for a family like us that wasn't really keen on leather,but got a few options with it
  7. Does anyone know if the genuine ones require the plastics under the car to be cut out? As the ebay ones require this. I'm not too sure whether to proceed. Yes they do require a bit of trimming but easy to do with a sharp stanley knife...... i don't remember if it was both sides or just one side now B)
  8. a little off topic, is anyone running the yoko's ADVAN ST V802's?? Look pretty hot........wonder how much?? B)
  9. Hi Cruiserdan, Guess it comes down to if u need a AWD or FWD & if you'd like leather interior with some extras or cloth seats of the KX-R. I have the FWD version and am very happy with it,but do little to none off road stuff.The thing i wanted was a car with some room for kids (16 y/o & 14y/o & 3 y/o) and luggage space,with some performance as well. Which ever one you go for you'll be pretty happy with them over all.
  10. I just had a look at my Altitude out of curiosity and its tyre placard does say 875kg & Load index 103 & Speed rating of S. Just a litle thing for insurance companys to rely on when its time to cough up Toyota should wake up to themselves as well :(
  11. I installed my toyota side steps without any trouble,same ols story once you've done one side the other takes half as long The instuctions are pretty staight forward. Also help that i used a work hoist. No problem with front mudflap touching as they curve in behind the flap nicely
  12. My Wife called into the dealer today bout dach rattle..They where very good and gave her another courtesy car to use while they tried to find this mystery rattle? Well the Dealer rang around two hours later with some good news....Turns out our three year old had left a toy in the car and it rolled under the drivers seat and got jammed under there and was rubbing on the seat runner My wife was very embarressed bout the whole thing The dealer got a laugh out of it & i reckon they were glad to find something,instead of pulling the dash apart!!!
  13. Just took my car for a drive as the wife has been telling me bout dash rattle Sadly i'm really baffled where it is coming from around the steering wheel,but sounds like a tinny sound,tried to self diagnose the problem,but got really ****ed off :( Going into the dealer next week for a look. Hope can find something
  14. A little off topic,but was wondering if anyone has purchased a set of seat covers off e-bay?? been looking around now for a while, need to do something soon. Plenty of stuff on good o'l e-bay B) I bought genuine steps for my Kluger, been very good for a little independant 3 year old boy that whats to get in the car himself :P
  15. Yeah, mine has had a couple as you said whofan........The wife came home today complaining bout dash rattling today in the cold weather :( ,needless to say i'm looking here for similar issues other owners have for answers ;) Really annoys me, as we thought that toyota would be built better than this. Also notice that flimsy piece of board connected to the console in the drivers foot well rattles as well???? Any one else had this going on??

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