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  1. Goodyear tyres

    Bit late but these are great tyres. Excellent grip dry/wet. Very quiet, and wear is very good (over 70,000kms and still haven't hit the wear indicators) Cheers
  2. 2007 Kluger Grande AWD Water Pump

    Nah it can fail very quickly and without warning.
  3. 2007 Kluger Grande AWD Water Pump

    Bummer. How many km on yours? I did read that some mechanics had worked out that they could replace without removing the motor? Apparently much cheaper than the factory solution, will see if I can find a link. On another note make sure your vvti oil line that was meant to be replaced under a 'limited service campaign' has been done correctly. A yellow line indicates the rubber replacement, or if you are lucky it will have the much better full metal line that was introduced on 2009 production onwards. My brother inlaw had his 2008 Kluger almost empty the engine of oil, apparently the dealer where it was serviced had not even fitted the factory rubber correction (or had fitted the same defective part as was reported happening in the US) as a replacement http://www.autoblog.com/2010/03/02/toyota-offering-to-fix-oil-lines-on-nearly-1m-six-cylinder-model/ Lucky not to have blown the motor!
  4. Toyota or after-market Sat Nav for Kluger

    Thanks for that, looks great!! Could I check one more thing please....if you turn the unit on by just turning the key to accessory but not starting engine and letting the unit fully boot up, does it then do a full reboot if you were later to start the car or does it stay on while starting? It seems alot of these units do a full reboot everytime the engine is started, even if they were already booted up in the accessory position. Hope its clear what I mean :)
  5. Toyota or after-market Sat Nav for Kluger

    Would love to seem some pics if you get a chance please. Also with such a large screen does it auto dim at night (i.e when headlights turned on etc), and is it dim enough not be distracting? Thanks
  6. Fog Light Install 09

    That all sounds great will track down another stalk with fog option. Do you know if the wiring is also there for the Auto lights option as well ? I never tried this mod. I know you would need the dash light sensor, but I guess if wiring is there could be just a matter of connecting the dash sensor and stalk with auto switch?? Can't confirm this one though sorry.
  7. Fog Light Install 09

    Hi, The full wiring is there, but you do need to order the factory stalk with fog light switch for it to work (try and source one from a wreck maybe??). It is just a matter of removing the plastic blanks where the fogs are meant to be, and reaching up you will find the wiring taped there. Plug the fog lights in, fit the new stalk and fitted just like factory.
  8. Kluger Grande 2014 Radar Issue

    Don't use cruise in heavy rain!!! It can be dangerous
  9. Kluger 80,000 km Service

    HI mate, Can't help you out with much in your questions....but as far as I am aware the auto oil is one of the sealed for life types that are meant to last for the life of the transmission. Whether that is a good or bad thing remains to be seen. I know some service centres advise doing the auto oil every 40,000km or so.
  10. Mine was replaced under warranty, but the problem showed up again I think from memory about 20,000km later. My 2007 Kluger is now coming up to its 130,000km service and the knocking noise/feel has been with it most of the time since I have owned it. Other than that and the cold weather dash rattles it has been a good vehicle. They do not have a fix for this knocking issue sadly though. Obviously (hopefully:) Toyota are confident it will not result in a severe failure. I would hope after their US recall problems, and VW Australia's recent DSG transmission highly publicised dramas, that Toyota have made sure this will not end very badly. PS this issue is well know to RAV4, Aurion etc as well.
  11. 08 Kluger headlights

    I should have clarified the Philips +100's do not use more power or generate more heat, but they do produce a lot more light. I have tried various brands, and these ones seem the best and deliver on what they promise. In saying that I still have driving lights fitted as I like their added safety on country roads. Cheers
  12. 08 Kluger headlights

    Try the Philips +100 bulbs. Have found them to be very good. Cheers
  13. Next-gen Kluger spied!

    What a pity no 8 seater model (seriously how can little old OZ possibly have compliance issues that stop it selling here when it is deemed ok for US sale??? Typical ridiculous pen pusher government fools strike again it seems) and no hybrid. Think both of these would have been big selling points over the competition, especially as fuel consumption becomes more and more important. Don't get me wrong the current 3.5l's fuel consumption for a 2 tonne suv is not bad, but will only slight improvements cut it from 2014 onwards....????
  14. Next-gen Kluger spied!

    Very nice. Lets hope they bring in the hybrid-:)