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  1. I can't comment on the 2010 Presara but I can feedback on the 2008 Presara if you are planning to buy a pre-owned one 1. Sunroof - have to get them to change the tubes as mine leaked - covered under warranty 2. need to change the engine oil tubing - covered under warranty - part of service recall 3. front suspension tend to rattle - covered under warranty Cheers Jason
  2. I sent my car in to the Toyota dealer this morning to ask them to reset the security code for my Presara. Here's what they told me - the security code is normally the last 3 digit of your VIN no. If that doesn't work , then try "320" . That is the Toyota generic code from the factory. Try these 2 pin before you attempt anything else. If not once you exhausted all 9 tries, you will have to get them to reset the whole thing. Thanks bros for your help. Cheers!
  3. Thanks I tried but it won't work unfortunately. I have 3 tries left out of 9 before the system goes into lockdown position. Seems like i have to wait till monday to bring the car to my dealer for reset
  4. Does anyone knows what's the default security code to the Aurion Presara? I changed my car battery today and it prompted me for the 3 digit security code. I wasn't given the security code when I purchased it from the Toyota car dealer. Can any Presara owner please advise ....? Thanks !
  5. Getting mine installed by Toyota dealer next Monday at $205 (illumination kit and labour).
  6. I've got my 4 tires changed last week to Michelin Primacy LC 215/55/R17 for $200 each at Bob Jane TMart. Very Quiet and comfortable tires - almost the same performance as the original MXV8 ones . The only setback is that they are a bit EX.
  7. Just to inform you guys that I had my '08 Presara's steering shaft replaced today by my Toyota dealer. I had complained to them during my 60K servicing about my steering having a cracking noise whenever I was turning at low speed. I guess it was a manufacturing problem and they replaced the shaft without question asked. Took them 3 hrs to fix it. For those of you who own an Aurion, I would advise you to check to see if you have this problem. If you have, better get it fixed within your warranty period. Cheers Golfie88
  8. Easy, say, one drive like a mad man at 180 Km/h, than brake like a girl to 40 km/h when approaching corners. Another one drive at 80-100 km/h constantly. which one is faster in real life average speed will tell. I actually quite agree with Unique that average speed is useless. I would prefer a digital speedo + analogue (just like the holden one). When comes to speed camera or school zone , this digital speedo really comes into handy.
  9. i bought a 1 1/2 y old aurion presara and this morning i found a patch of water coming thru the A-pillar (driver side). Seems like i have to get it fixed immediately. Does anybody know how long it takes for the service people to fix it?
  10. Hi NIKICH I'm intersted in your 3kg gear knob. Is it a screw on type ? Where can i get it ?
  11. I m driving a rolla hatch now and has driven the sedan b4. IMHO the hatch is more sportier and suitable for single and young couple while the sedan is more family like. Family men would like something that has a "backside" which offer more protection when someone smash into your back . The Hatch has smaller bootspace - can't put in my golf bag :( while the sedan has a decent space which i can fit in 4 golf bags . However if you want to carry bulky stuffs like furniture (ie .when u r moving house) , you should consider a hatch coz they have more rooms at the back when the seats are folded down . In terms if handling , i find the hatch feels more "light" when travelling at high speed. I was travelling along M4 near eastern creek 2 days back when wind speed was about 100km/h and the whole car was like nearly going to flip over due to cross wind. Never experience that when driving the sedan . Hatch is also easier to park in crowded cities like sydney where u have to do reverse parking at the roadside most of the time. Well , at the end of the day , it still depends on your lifestyle and your personal preference . Both sedan and hatch have their own unique selling point ...
  12. I'm clocking in 7.2 to 7.9l/100 using Caltex Votex 95 on my manual corolla
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  14. Thanks . I've finally got a set of rims and tyres from Tempe Tyres which is 5 min away from my house. Falken FK451 205/50 ZR16 87Y Starcorp 16" shadow chrome rims
  15. Starcorp 16" RIMS with Falken FK-451 205/50ZR16 87Y