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  1. OMG Guy's I believe that's it. What the hell was Toyota doing when they replaced the tensioner and not the ADP at the same time. Thanks a bunch guys. You tube vids really explained all. Will look at these in future. Cheers!
  2. Noise is there all the time. Will look at the you tube one. Thank you Gents.
  3. It is a personal statement and the guy that did it for me agreed that we should fill that bonnet as the old school cars might have maybe up to a hundred or so. You've probably seen the oldies with them and they look great but here we wanted to make the car stand out. With the rims we were going for a slant on the muscle ol' school look.
  4. As far as I know it's the only modern car in like anywhere that has a louvered bonnet/hood. It get the looks and keeps the motor cooler in there.
  5. Guys, after your advise. Had my tensioner replaced twice in the last two years. First time a non Toyota repairer said the bearing was shot and as Toyota didn't just supply the bearing alone I had to get the whole part bearing included plus a new belt. Apparently the original size belt was to big, so they put on a smaller one. Job done, it occasionally made a clicking/squeaking noise like the belt was slipping?? Put up with it for a while then took it to a Toyota dealer and they replaced the tensioner once more but it still made this noise. The Toyota guy said "It would make a occasional noise as all Aurion's did" I believed that to be BS at the time and got a second opinion from a ex Toyota dealership guy who said " It's your water pump impeller making the noise and it should be replaced immediately or it would fail". That was in October last year and no water pump impeller failure yet. Well by now that noise has grown from occasional to all the time whilst the car is in motion, more so when air con is on, It sounds like more of a belt squeak than anything and is quite loud. Some of you motor blokes must have an answer? Any advise for a completely new mechanic who advised I ask in a forum what it may be. All advise is much appreciated.
  6. G'day all, just saying hi to all the Aurion owner's. Have a modded vehicle as you can see by the profile pic and the one's I've posted in the photo's forum. Did the mods some years ago with mostly exterior work. Was intending to do some major motor work later but bought a old classic (Buick) instead. So that's my primary fun machine now.