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  1. ***** while first gear change

    They all sound like dickheads that aren't sure.
  2. GTA'ing melbourne

    When you haven't paid the ice bill
  3. DIY - Changing Gearbox Oil

    Can the pics in this guide be put back up?
  4. Redline MT90 vs Motul Gear 300

    Thanks you blokes, some great info here! I've ordered the magnetic gearbox plug and I'll get the Motul 300 oil aswell. I'll get it serviced and get the mechanic to change the gearbox oil for me I reckon. Might do the clutch play adjustment myself first, the article on that is excellent! Squalled there's no real issue with the clutch, the first week I had the car I went for a drive that ended up in heavy traffic incuding hillstarts and I was worried I burnt the thing. Now I'm super paranoid about not riding it and I've gotten much more comfortable driving the car. Must admit I'm not totally sold on the idea of lightened flywheel and the benefits, so I'll be leaving that for now and just play around. Probably do headers/exhaust soon. Thanks boys.
  5. Redline MT90 vs Motul Gear 300

    Hey mate ripper article. Just got my sportivo so I'm a bit wet behind the ears. Just a couple questions for you or anyone else who wants to chip in. What difference did the lightened flywheel make? How much should the heavy duty clutch and lightened flywheel set me back? My car has just clicked over 150k and I do have some doubts about the clutch. It's good, I just have some doubts about it haha. The gearbox has me often missing/crunching into second gear if I hit lift in 1st. Look, the car is just a runabout to work and back, with a bit of fun. I shouldn't even be worried about it, but since the car performs so well it'd be nice if it ticked all the boxes and I didn't miss 2nd. Could just be my driving, but is Motul Gear 300 fluid likely to make a difference, and how much fluid does the gearbox need? Thanks bros. It's great to own my first Toyota!