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  1. Hi Guys, Here's the follow up to that video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9tDkWrsXuk&ab_channel=AutoExpertJohnCadogan Apart from their S-box cars, I wont buy anything chinese and that includes phones or TVs.
  2. Well guys I've now owned my Camry for 18 mths, what do I think of it ? Best car I've owned and have had zero problems but that's what you expect when you buy a Toyota. It's very smooth and a pleasure to drive, it's not a DIY car but what car is these days. The best feature is the reversing camera IMO, no more trying to look out the rear window. We're told by both Scottie and the Car Care Nut Guy not to fill your Petrol tank to the top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPiiqcDxDxY Well I finally worked it out...when I get to three quarters empty, I put in 35 lts which gives me just under a full tank.
  3. Here's a brand I wouldn't buy...you be the judge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71DVmTYiq-4&ab_channel=AutoExpertJohnCadogan
  4. A few years ago I tried E10 in my 2001 Corolla, seemed to run ok but used more than 91 or 95 octane over the same distance...so I never used it again. You might want to look at this... https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/can-i-run-my-car-on-e10-fuel-18405 Hope this helps.
  5. I had a 2001 Corolla with 190,000km and I used Nulon coolant for years without any problems, but now I use Toyota coolant because I don't want to void the warranty. Toyota don't make coolant, maybe they get it from the same place...something to think about.
  6. Speaking of the Yaris GR, some people seem to think with it's little 3 cylinder engine...the Yaris GR is a racing car and treat it like a racing car and blow the engine, of cause they also blow the warranty too. The other day I saw a Yaris cross, it looked like a small RAV4 but with a 1.5L engine. We now have a Yaris cross and soon a Corolla cross but when you think of it both are just fancy station wagons with a fancy price...I wonder when we're going to get a Camry cross ?
  7. Yes I just saw this... https://www.caradvice.com.au/932735/2021-toyota-camry-price-rises-new-specs-v6-axing-confirmed/ Toyota also increased the price by a whooping $3300 for the Ascent Petrol that's for an extra 21kw and you'll find 95 Octane or higher is for the Hybrid...Oh what a feeling. P.S. Still doesn't explain why the RAV4 Petrol GLX has a 2.0L 127kw engine and is 320kg + heavier than the Camry, now 152kw...not to mention the huge price difference.
  8. If your car doesn't need 98 Octane, then don't use it as it's burning a hole in your pocket, but it Toyota say 95 or higher...that's what you must use. As for carbon build up, I had a 2001 Corolla and it ran on 91 octane for 18 years with no problems...I did every now and then get on the M4 and drive at 110km for some time as I do now with my Camry...I'm told that's all you need plus regular oil changes.
  9. The 2021 petrol Corolla 2.0L puts out 125kw...the RAV4 GLX 2.0L Petrol 127kw, so not much difference but the RAV4 has to pull an extra 320kg +...but the Petrol Camry 2.5L puts out 131kw and 170kg lighter than the RAV4...so it's something to think about when we think about engine longevity. The V6 Camry which Toyota Australia dropped like a hot potato put out 301kw, oh what a feeling...not anymore because we don't get a choice...very sad.
  10. I wasn't talking about the top of the range $54,188 Edge, I'm talking mid range the average person would look at. Anyway there's a huge price difference between a Corolla 2.0L and a GLX RAV4 2.0L for that extra 320kg.
  11. Of cause there's the price...Corolla SX Petrol sedan 2.0L...$32,473 The RAV4 GLX Petrol 2.0L...$41,520...a difference of $9,047. I'm no expert but it seems to me the $9,047 must be for the extra 320kgs + the RAV4 has to pull. Speaking of 2.0L engines, the new Corolla Cross (a cross between a Corolla and who knows what else) is another SUV we may see here in Australia...has Toyota gone SUV mad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEYcmhWa6pc&ab_channel=RedlineReviewsRedlineReviews
  12. Why does the RAV4 Petrol which is 1660kg in weight have the same size Engine 2.0L as the Corolla that's 1340kg, a difference of 320kg. The Camry Petrol which is 1490kg has a 2.5L Engine and that's 170kg lighter than the RAV4, why doesn't the RAV4 Petrol have a 2.5L Engine ? The RAV4 Petrol has to pull an extra 320kgs without people or luggage with the same size Engine as the Corolla,will this Engine last as long as the Corolla Engine ? The strange thing is...the RAV4 Hybrid has a 2.5L Engine with the same weight...I just don't get it.
  13. Petrol consumption in my Camry Petrol is 11.3L per 100KM using 91 Octane, so last week I filled up with 95 Octane and guess what...fuel consumption and performance were exactly the same, the only difference was the big hole in my wallet. I found out last week that the Camry Ascent Hybrid must use 95 Octane or higher, I'm glad I didn't get a Hybrid.
  14. Yesterday where I live 91 octane was $169.9 P/L...95 $182.9 P/L and 98 $189.9 P/L I can use 91 or higher which was another reason I chose this model as I wont buy a Hybrid for good reasons. Of cause I didn't buy any as I had 1/2 a tank left, so I'll wait till it comes down...when is anybody's guess. Years ago when Petrol was 19c a litre I'd buy $2 worth which would last all week with a 6cyl engine, it's so sad those days are long gone...cheap petrol and 6cyl engines.
  15. You might want to look at this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf1uTdvNWhI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNGNoIiu-C8

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