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  1. Hey guys, Just trying to install a cruise control unit in the yaris for the missus but can't seem to google a wiring diagram for the accelerator pedal. Also if anyone can confirm a few details -I assume that the brake switch wiring is the same on Toyota's that used the same 4 pin plug -speed signal is the pink wire from the dash plug on the left Cheers, Benjamin
  2. in short no! lolz that being said, my first car was a supra since then I've owned three. I'm poor and had many headaches but I still wouldn't really do things any differently
  3. lolz if you're looking at not spending too much i suggest staying away from supras lolz
  4. go the GT4 I reckon it's faster than alotta **** off the line. The GT4 was my fav car for years, till I discovered I needed at least a 6cylinder vehicle to satisfy me :) but going by power to weigh IIRC the Nissan Pulsar GTiR was superior but kinda ugly... but then IMHO the SW20 MR2 is the sexiest of all my fav toyotas
  5. Oh sorry, just realised I didnt give much good advice except stay away from the GA70 lolz. In order or preference and superiority, JZA70 would be the most favourable, then the MA70 with the 7M-GTE, then the GA70. (Also personally I would also prefer the MA70 non turbo over a GA70) JZA70's are also a JDM item, although due to increasing petrol prices and new P plate laws the price has plummeted. You can now pick one up from $9000-$12,000 pending condition. The potential of this car is crazy. Unfortunately I can't say that I've tested it's potential or speak from personal experience, but others have claimed to be able to make 450rwkw on an unopened engine. A friend with the JZZ30 Soarer, is making 280rwkw on his 1JZ-GTE. Also in case you don't know the JZA80 Supras use the 2JZ-GTE which kinda shows which engine prevailed lolz. MA70's were available locally, though some floating around were still imported. The 7M-GTE is infamous for its BHG problems. Although some see potential in this engine after installing MHG with aftermarket head studs/bolts. Being a 3.0i its got more torque than the 1JZ's 2.5i, but its potential on an unopened engine falls short to the 1JZ. You can pick them up for under $10k GA70's being a 2.0i just doesn't pull it's weight. The Supra was grouped as a sports/tourer, kinda comfy but still a sports car. The car is reallly heavy.... If you have the full electric seat that byitself is 50kg, even just the seat equipped with lumber support weighs enough. So smaller engine with less torque pulling more extras doesn't work out better. People have successfully done up this car with decent results but in terms of value for money... GA70 = FTL I would pay $6k MAX! on a 1G As you can see I am abit biased toward the JZA70. I currently own a MA70 which I plan on putting a 1JZ-GTE into lolz. cbf adding more but feel free to ask more questions, and i'll try my best to answer. and sorry if im treating you like a noob it's unintentional
  6. hockysa

    ma61 owners ??

    swear?! I wanna see!! I didn't think it would fit lolz.
  7. Is there a reason why you want the GA70 in particular? Coz my advice would be steer well away from it. I'm not sure if you're aware but the A70 Series Supras were available with 3 engines, 4 if you count the non turbo. GA70, 1G-GTE (2.0i Twin Turbo) 1987-1992 MA70, 7M-GE (3.0 N/A) 1986.5-1992 7M-GTE (3.0 Turbo) 1987-1992 and JZA70, 1JZ-GTE (2.5i Twin Turbo) 1989-1992
  8. lolz yeah thats how this hobby goes lolz. sorry wouldnt be able to help you with where to get stuff from wa
  9. here's a couple http://www.supramania.com/forums/showthrea...ighlight=2jza70 http://www.supramania.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66984
  10. hop on www.supraforums.com.au or www.supramania.com this conversions been done a few times. I'm hoping to do this mod too hopefully. but not any time soon. good luc with it.
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    Non turbo

    from supra forums
  12. www.jspec.com or www.prestigemotorsport.com
  13. i got a really simple setup in my car. 4" speakers with a 12" sub The speakers runn off the headunit and the sub is amped. someone suggested to me to put a capacitor to work like a high pass crossover, which seems like a good idea (and a very cheap idea) My question to everyone is what frequencies do people usually set for 4" speakers. and if possible what are the approximate frequency ranges for low, mid and high notes
  14. what car u using? R154 would definately be the easiest. maybe rebuild it if you're making a drag car with huge power Don't go for the getrag V160, for the effort you would probably be better off getting a Tremec to make something to suit
  15. i dunno about parts but a whole engine with turbo etc would be around the $1200 mark