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  1. They're supposed to make a clicking sucks if they dont cause you tend to forget theyre on lol
  2. I have a level 123 account lol </nerd>
  3. The licence plate lights were the same size as the parkers?
  4. Remove the part in the dash that allows me to access my head unit, in a 2003 camry?
  5. Sup, I'm from the Tarago Drifting Club of Australia, wanna join? requirements are simple; IQ not exceeding 50, to have held your driver's licence for no more than a month under no circumstance will self-respecting individuals be permitted to join.
  6. stormwardenx

    Odo readings

    2003 Camry Parents gave it to me about 5 months ago, when I got my licence, at 92000km Currently nearing 107000km :P
  7. It's named after a beer. Thats all I know.
  8. What material do they use? it looks like foil lol
  9. Bedfordale, isn't Wilson north of the river? Yeah, in between Cannington & Riverton. You're nearby Serpentine, went there for my school's year12 retreat. B) Im much closer to Cannington than I am to Serpentine lol :P
  10. On a few recent occasions I've been using my handbrake for some fun around corners...would that have done it? It had been doing this before I started doing that though :\ Oh, and its a 2003 camry ateva.
  11. Bedfordale, isn't Wilson north of the river?
  12. Yeah...for some reason, when I park my camry, it rolls back slightly after I let off the foot brake... Anyone know why?