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  1. That's hugely disappointing - 2 years is a long time,especially in the outer suburban areas. We really got jibbed on that head unit. Why don't they just whack Apple / Android Car Play that everyone is doing? Before handing over my money, will be getting an assurance from the dealer that when an update comes out, it will be free.
  2. Haha yes, am tracking via an app. Looks like she's on the way :) ...and no I do not want a sugar mommy :/
  3. My guess is they are on the Supreme Ace - left Yokohama today and due in Melb on 10 July. K-Line ship which google tells me is one of Toyota's.
  4. And we are on the ship :)
  5. Bargain!!!
  6. Interested to hear what people are paying and through who. I would think the active safety gear would reduce the premium. Am currently with Allianz and have everything through them, but willing to change for a better deal and comparable features.
  7. How UGLY is the new Hyundai Kona! Was kinda thinking of holding out for it and so glad I didn't. People comparing it to the CHR - not even close.
  8. Wow that is very weird but hopefully true! Look forward to the pics 👍
  9. Same here - more on the road the better! Well this morning I had no VIN and this afternoon it's there! I don't get all the hoo hah about the engine, like the biggest thing is life is being first off at the lights. I was quite happy with the power and that's comparing to my current 2.0L diesel focus. Anyway my daughter is getting thst so if I ever feel like a srive I'll just borrow it.
  10. This really stumps me as it seems like such a great tool to build some excitement with customers and reduce a lot of enquiries about delivery.
  11. Woo hoo that is awesome! Just saw mine is in production too but no Vin details yet so must have just started.
  12. I read somewhere the Toyota Link app is not compatible with Toyota Touch 2 (with DAB) so we got the retro unit. From what I read, no one really likes the Toyota Link App, so that's a bummer.
  13. Some great features here I didn't realise this car had (self-restore paint, hold function and the cool driver display). Yes, the euro model so some things might no on the Aussie version like the passenger seat height adjust.
  14. Saw a yellow one today traveling down High St Kew VIC - could not miss it!
  15. Oh boy, they have no idea do they! My login included a 7 digit number for the User Name which is actually the order number. The password is the 7 digit Stock Number which comes up as the access code after logging in. My dealer had access to these details. Mine hasn't started production and I can login.