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Fuel Economy/Tyre pressures


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Hey since buying my new 2.4 sportivo i have noticed the difference between the economy between the camry and the magna. First time i filled up i managed 620 kms using 55 litres with tyres at 32 psi second time i managed 520kms using 46 litres with tyres at 34 psi. Just wondering what other people are managing and roughly what psi they keep their tyres at.


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Got 17" alloys and low profile tyres on my Camry and they're at 40PSI, as recommended by tyre retailer who fiited them 5 years ago.

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If you unsure and your a stock camry from the factory what you could do is look at the Handbook and it should give you a fair idea as for fuel economy is all dependents on how you drive and the road with the weight of the car

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yea, cuz im thinkin,

600+ from 55 litres, thats a fair amount of freeway driving (thats got 2b more than 50%)

i reckon 55 litres in ct and traffic jams would gather up 450-500kms, or less if u kill it @ every lights

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I'm running on 40psi on the 18s. Higher pressure decreases rolling resistance but decreases grip. It depends on what you are after. If say you were going on cruise up the twisties i'd lower mine to about 34-36. Normal driving, I'd leave it at about 40.

At 40 PSI, I'm getting 11L/100km driving normally 80% of the time. The 20% would be boosted spirited driving. Mind you even though i'm not on the highway much, it usually very flowy 60-80km/hr. On the TOCAU cruise, I managed a 10.3L/100km and thats with going up and down mountains with a LOT of on boost spirited driving and lots of highway speed driving.

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yeah id say i probably do 60% on the highway im missing the instruments that tell you your lts per 100kms. my car has the mode button do you think its possible to have that function added through toyota?

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I guess it'll depend on the tyre... maybe a different model tyre, or different profile tyre, or width might run better on different pressures.

34 works for me, I used to go 38, but I feel it's better for mine at 34. You'll constantly be checking the pressure every week or so anyway to make sure it hasn't lost any pressure anyway lol

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