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In the spirit of modding, I've got the cai downstairs, and most fo the sht out of my car.

However, there is a lot of stuff left over, and I'm reading the workshop submission. My problems arise around the piping, I've take everything off from the blue cannister on, just not sure how to connect it all back up. The piece behind the intake especially.

If anyone is around greenslopes, I've got cold beers handy if you are willing to help a forum member out. 0431 754 178

The intake is in, the bracket done, the filter no probs, just the damn piping.

If anyone has a link to a better thread for the install than danthuyer's thread (which is good don't get me wrong), please post it to me.

I'm working by candlelight..haha


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The user manual that came with it is rubbish, can't see a thing.

Here's my tips for install, and I'm a pretty green install.

Tips for install.

1. You don't need any of the supplied pipes, and you will have gear left over.

2. The EGR valve is on the back of the airbox, put it on the plate, and attach the two pipes, one from rocker, and one from charcoal cannister, and electrics to it.

3. Take out the whole blue and white thing, all the way back to the rocker cover, and plug it. The and white item is a check valve only.

4. Amen, the drift was the best size if you got foggies - forum saved the day again.


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the user manual like u said was rubbish but the install guide on the forum was adequate imo, the 1st page was abit vague in terms of where bits goes but if u scroll to the 2nd page it actually explains everything.. pics would hv help with ur instructions..

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