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that rolla is rolling on koni adjustable.. i'd expect coilies of some kind to be in place but guess not..
The Front suspension is handbuilt using Koni adjustable shocks and GT4 front springs. Superflex bushes and a Trd strut brace. Whiteline adjustable camber bolts.

Rear suspension uses Koni adjustable shocks with Fensport Springs, The chassis is modified to accept a MR2 Turbo anti-roll bar with poly bushes, and custom droplinks.

Koni's FTW. :toast::toast::toast::toast:

who needs coilovers???????????? Tryhards who want to say "I got coilovers" hahahahahahahahaha(looking at you bill :clap: )

MWR might have the fastest 2ZZ but is it street driven? and is it in a complete car like the fensport corolla is with full interior?

Bee keen to know............

ok .... 2 week ban for u :P :P :P :P personal attacks against other members :P :P :P :P

Bill there is only one word necessary in your reply... and thats SOFT :P :P

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Don't you people get out? There are a few 2zz's in the States putting out some serious power.

Last I heard the most anyone was putting out from the 2zz was MWR with 666whp, nice round number in my opinion :lol: (almost 500wkW in meaningful units).

Edit: I'd take the GTR as it would be a lot more drivable.

Dude... your growing out of that Captain Know-It-All Tee shirt.... we're gonna have to get you one with a bigger neck hole.

We'll have to get you some smaller undies then uleh.

nice comeback.

here, i'll get you a face washer to wipe that brown off your nose... and we can all pretend you didnt make such a ***** of yourself on a public forum


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