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custom plates


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I've seen 'DJKOR' on an Aurion. That was a sweet looking ride. I saw it on the Aurion parked in my garage.

see pics of it... sure is 1 sweet ride!! ahahahha

are u a dj or something?

also whats this "unamed mod"?

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im getting [bONDEEBUS] on my aurion! (its my fmaily car) just awaiting them to come in!!!

to match [bONDEE] on my s14

bit to many digits yea?

Not for WA. They can have up to 9 characters... and for cheap. You'll find 'BLCKLABEL' around here as well.

are u a dj or something?

also whats this "unamed mod"?

Nah mate. Not quite a DJ. I just love listening to music. It's just formed from my name. Check my profile for info.

As for the mod, there will be no hints. Nothing to get excited about, quite simple and basic, and probably a bit of a let-down. Either way, I haven't seen one around and I like what it does... so I'm excited.

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Either way, I haven't seen one around and I like what it does... so I'm excited.

Wait... I know what it is! Ebay Fake Whistle Blow Off Valve!!!!!

Damn. You guessed it. I've found a really good one; I swear.

Im contemplating getting NDR.00G as mine.

Which is N-DROOW GEE (ANDREW G) which is my name!

...I thought that was pretty clever too.

:P it reads "n droog" lol :)

would never get andrew g from it :P

id be like "whats an n droog"

I saw it as Andrew G, but that's because I knew his name. But yeah Pumped, I can see exactly where you are coming from. Some plates are like that and need a little deciphering.

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mine are FAR51 = FARSI = the language spoken in Iran (ie, my heritage)

no one understands what it is, unless they know other Iranians or they are a "roon" themselves... ;)

i've had people thing that its meant to mean "fast one" or "fasty"... it was funny when it used to be on my euro... i'd get bogans come up at a set of lights and laugh at me and say "man, your car isn't fast!"...

i used to love shutting them down... :lol:

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Hey! I was wondering what plates you have or have you seen on a aurion? .. I recently saw [zr6] ....3 digit plates cost just under $2000 .. Mine are [zr006] and cost me around 500

Thanks goppy

Yeah ive got some Personalised plates, that I want to order next pay. They are going to sweet as. I found a combination that should look cool, without costing 2K. Pers plates in Qld are a rip off, and im not paying 2K for them for free range lettering. Im gonna keep them under raps till I order them, then ill post some pics.

I was going to get 30NDY, but the 3 doesnt look enough like a B. And someone else has already used a 8 for the B. I can use 18ONDY, but the 1 sitting there anoys me.

Or I was going to use 833ACH like (bee-arch) or 07 ATX, but have decided to pass.

I think now after a bit of mucking around, i have a ripper and the way ive done it, it should look sweet as. More to come..................................

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^ yeah my friend from brissy told me the custom plates are a ripper in QLD .. can't believe about 2k :o

In melb you can get custom plates for about $400 depending on which one's you get but nothing over 2k!

It should all be the same price every state ..

I've got MZTRD obviously as MZ = MISS and TRD = Toyota Racing Development

Other drivers on the road who aren't into Toyota might not know so i got a TRD badge to match it .. looks tough for a chick i reckon.

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