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Tyres choices for stock Sportivo Rims


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Its tyre replacement time for my 2003 Sportivo.

As I am going to stick with the stock factory rims and tyre size, has anybody got any (helpful) hints as to what may be suitable to replace the OME Bridgestone ER30's that are on at present?

Some choices are the Goodyear Excellence (German made);Continental Premium Contact 2; Toyo Teo Plus, plus the Bridgestone ER30 replacements, the ER300.

I had Pirelli P6000's on my 6G Celica and was glad to see them go. They gripped o.k. but were soooo noisy towards the end of their life- I thought I had a crook wheel bearing, so I certainly won't be looking at them.

I replaced them with Goodyear LS2000's and have found these to be excellent. But they only come with a load rating of 86 in the Sportivo size, so I cannot use them.

The Sportivo is not used for any club competition work etc, just as the family "get around "road car, so I am not interested in anything with a directional tread pattern.

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Thanks Guys,

Always interested in other peoples experiences, they do help questioning initial thoughts. :)

I have discounted the Continentals. Reports from other forums indicate that they grip like glue, but last as long as a Politicians promise. (Very soft compound it seems.)

Toyo Teo Plus, The German Goodyears and the Savva's as recommended by Danthuyer are at the top of my list now, based on price and reviews I have gotten from the web. These 3 can be had for around or just under the $200 mark.

The Bridgestone ER300's, being OME for so many manufacturers, are somewhat pricey and didn't score so well in Wheels Magazine Tyre testing.

Will do some shopping around this morning before the GF starts. B)

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