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mattomo 06 Team white


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Hey guys!!

been on the forum for a lil bit and finally got around to taking some pictures of my corolla

had it for about 2 months ever seen 2 4WD ran into my liberty aww such a bad day

but now i am i happy corolla driver let me know what you think

not the best picture taken on my phone in the afternoon will upload some new ones

Engine Mods


no engine mods yet but maybe in the future

Exterior Mods


17" Lenso Raiden Project D Light Weight Rims

Clear Chrome Aftermarket Tail Lights

Black Rays Locknuts

Future mods


Lowering 1-2inch

Exhaust(most probally just get a new tip put on)



Smaller antenna(if can be done anyopne know)

maybe removing the black parts on the doors(any opinioons?)

and getting new plates RST-L35 (restless as in my dj name)

Hope you all like and let me know what you think =]






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Hey mate! Welcome and nice car!

Go team white! B)

I like your rims. If I ever get rims, the black with polished lip is the way to go in my opinion.

Lowering it will be good. Have considered putting a stock Sportivo Exhaust on to your Corolla?

I've heard it makes a good improvement.

Once again good job! :D

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thanks for your opinions =]

i was actually thinking about a sportivo exhaust on it but just wondering where to get one

as for lowering i was thinking just a lil bit giving more of a driffy look.

and my rims i thought they worked well i was going to get matt black with timeattack ring but didnt look great so i went with the black with polished worked nicely and im liking the staggered offset with the deep dish at the black :D

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