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When selling a used car???

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My wife will be selling her 05 Corolla soon, we have never sold a car privately before!!

When someone wants to inspect the vehicle, would we tell them our address and say come to our house or do you think it would be safer to meet elsewhere, like the local carpark for example?

What do you all think and what would you do?

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well, if you where buying a 2nd used car, would you like to meet the seller at a local car park? too me, i rekon it seems too dodgy meeting at a carpark and you wont have the buyers trust. even if the person wanted to buy the car, theyd get your details.

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when i sold my echo. listed on carsales, then a month later sold.

If i was an interested buyer, inspecting a car in a carpark or local mall is super suss. I'd rather meet the seller in their home or workplace. Also just remember, if you are listing your car on the Net, JUST BE CAREFUL with those ANNOYING dealers saying, they're interested in buying your car & will pay good $$ for it, bla bla bla.... I would just ignore them (i aint driving 40km to get to them, they should drive up to my place :P ).

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