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Any one have this noise ??????

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G-Day all ....

I have a TRD CAI put in a few weeks back.... It works great but I have noticed a noise when ever I get on the gas.... Let me explain.. In the morning I head to work.. I have the windows up and no music on. I can hear the car and ride noise as normal but the other day I noticed every time I get on the gas as in hard or slow there is a ticking noise. I put my window down and it is gone. It seems to be when the windows are all shut. Anyone have this after CAI put in. It is for sure to do with the gas... Only time I hear the noise is when I give it gas. I thought if I could hear it in the car then I would hear it outside the car…… so I put the windows down.... not the case but..

Mind you my car in warm and at normal run temp. It seems to be when ever I touch the gas in any way. I do not notice it in the afternoon because I have the windows down and more people on the road and road noise as well ect ect....

I'm thinking of two things... hear me out O.K.....

Maybe because I removed all the stock plastic air intake to install the CAI that some noise can now echo because there is more open space under the hood and is not muffled now by the full stock air intake.. Maybe ...Maybe not....

Or something is vibrating only when I give it gas.

I have looked at this and made sure all is tight under the hood..

It is a ticking noise that speeds up and then tapers out...

I noticed that before when the intake was stock that the accelerator cable had two points in brackets … Now I have only one point for my accelerator cable in a bracket.. I lost one when I took the stock air intake out.

Accelerator cable maybe????? I don’t think so ?????? Maybe????

Thanks why I’m asking you out there to let me know if anyone has had this as well.

Hard to describe... I thought I would ask here to see what you all say..

Maybe its just me .....

let me know if you have a few words... My car is an 05 sportivo with 29340 kms on the clock...

Sorry for such long post…. Tried to give some detail to me question

Cheers .... Let me know what you think..


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At first I thought you might be meaning the induction noise that the filter makes from sucking the air in, but I doubt that now.

Why dont you video record it with your phone and post it on youtube, then maybe it would make things abit easier.


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perhaps the hole which the piping is going through has no cushion around the pipe causing it to hit metal parts?

Or perhaps Pod Filter is hitting something...

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''11TWO'' Yeah I thought that as well it may be something hitting something some how.... I have checked everything and tightened all that can be tight.. But I can not for the life of me see what it can be....

What ever it is it does not effect the car in anyway as in get up and go or anything like that .... but I would like to know what it is .....

"'TRIPPER'' No problem... I will do that..... I will try to video it so you can get a clear idea of what I mean...... I just hope I can get a good quality sound so you can hear it as good as I do in the car..... I will give it a shot for sure..



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