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suspension heights different both corners????


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hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has the same problem with there suspension as i do with stock or lowered suspension. the back left spring sits over 10mm higher the the righthand side (its not much when your at standard hight but when youve lowered it one 1 arch is tucking rubebr and the other id 1 finger space, u really fuqn notice it!! ). i also has this with my stock suspension (it was a little bit more servere then) and just thought it was inconsistancy in the coils and that it would change as i changed the suspension. but one i got my new springs it still sat higher on that side.

does anyone no why this is, it really annoys me!

DJKOR said it might have somthin to do with my shock/strut....would this be correct? any ideas anyone?

thanks rowan

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If a car ride about 10mm higher on the drivers side, this is pretty normal. When you install springs they should have marking on them to denote driver side and passenger side.

This is an allowance for the driver sitting in the car. 90% of a cars life is spent with only 1 person in it. Or with the male driver and female co-pilot.

Unless is on the wrong side of the car, or its so visible obvious it looks like its going to fall on its side, then its not much to complain about. It will usually settle after a few weeks when the new springs havesettled in.

Just make sure though, then you have put the springs in that they are seated correctly at the top and bottom and not up on a lip or have any rubber mounts/pads folded over.

Other then that, 10mm higher on the drivers side of the car is pretty normal.

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take your rhs springs out and put them in the lhs :)

if you didnt fit them, take it back to the place that fitted them and show them. ask them to swap them to level the car out. Or at least make sure they are seated correctly and nothing is fouling them

If you are expecting all 4 corners of the car to sit exactly the same, you are going to have a very poor life worrying all about it. car suspension will always move around. it depends on springs age, shocks, surface they sit on, load in the car, passengers, tyre pressures, road just traveled, quality of spring material. It may be prefect this week, next week it may be out again.

If you want it to be perfect all the time, better look at getting airbags fitted and get rid of the springs...

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