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Best 17" Tyres to aim for on ZRE


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I was looking at getting the Kappa Alloys for the ZRE Corolla.

I was wondering what type of Tyre's would be the best all rounder for the 17" Kappa's?

I was originally looking at some Dunlop SP Sport Max tyres when I was looking last year. But im not 100% sure now.

I wasent after anything designed for racing, im driving around on your typical Melbourne Roads. As long as they are safe and grippy!

What are peoples thoughts?


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I just picked up a wheel and tyre package. I had Kumho ecsta ku23 215/40/17 put on wheels. For the price, im really happy so far. They should wear ok as they are not too soft. I have only had them on for 5 days and I am happy with how they have responded through the bends.

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Hey Pauly,

Something you need to be aware of with some performance tyres, is that they need a warm-up cycle before they are even as good as your typical good tyre at the bottom end of their performance bracket. If you don't warm these tyres up first, they are just silent death, and not any good for the most basic of brake and evade manoeuvres when you need them in an emergency. The up side is they withstand quite a bit of punishment before they overheat and become what I call black porridge > black glass...

2 different brands of tyres I have owned that have this trait are Sumitomo HTRZ-II and BRIDGESTONE POTENZA ADRENALIN RE001. Now, I'm not bagging the RE001, but they are a long way off being grippy before you put a few spirited corners into them first. It is very common to see a certain bleached Sportivo wandering into the next lane across at Alice Street on ramp (while scrubbing :P)... One good thing I can say about them, is that another certain Sportivo hasn't managed to overheat them into the baggy squishy feeling black porridge or the slippery black glass compound yet. :whistling:

OK, given this, you might want to consider what purpose your tyres will serve, and how you are going to drive your car before you go buy some tyres. It's not very common to come across tyres like I've mentioned here, but it's something I thought I should point out. On my TX3 I have 2 sets of wheels/tyres for different occasions. Toyo RA1 for extreme conditions :toast: and Nexxen N2000 for casual daily driving. The Nexxens are never going to be anything special, but they are there when you need them in a hurry. Just don't push them too hard. The RA1s on the other hand, have never found their limits, even with bits of them splattered up the side of my body work!

My favourite all-rounder would have to be the Yokohama C-drive. I didn't need to warm them up, and could do a good stretch of FF drifting on them without any concern. They gave heaps of feedback and never went off without prior warning. Which is something the Sumitomos would do, just go off without warning, and I would find myself skating. I think for my next set of mixed use tyres, I will go back to Yokohama, and something a bit better than a C-drive I might add...

Cheers, Gav.

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Hey Gav...I will back you on the Yokohama tyres anyday,esp there Advance Sport 103,best tyres i've ever owned...not cheap but worth the bucks IMO,i absolutley love em.


maybe an update to this range Gav... :)

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re001 + 1, correct, cold they aren't really grippy but they are very smooth in the feeling of going over the edge, they don't just give up

once up to temp, and in the wet, nothing beats them, braking +1

number in motor tyre test, there's your answer


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