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Stereo anti-theft


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Once the cars off if a light on the radio flashes every few seconds your security is activated but if it doesn't flash I believe the pin is not activated and should be fine to remove and reuse if needed

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I was having a little bit of trouble with setting/cancelling the pin, when prompted to press SCAN i do and nothing happens but its supposed to flash SEC. But anyway i was confused which security light flashed, i thought it was the dashboard one, but since its the actual stereo one its not activated. Thanks for the quick replies guys. Now i can fit my new pioneer on :D

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I actually changed all my speakers to pioneer ones, 6x9s in the back and 6s in the front. I was beginning to regret it but after i put the new deck in all i can say is...WOW. A world of difference. Im planning to get two more amps a smaller one for the sub and a bigger one for the four speakers, and then... :D

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Yeh dude, know whatcha mean... makes ya wonder why they make such useless head units...

I did mine the opposite way. I put the new H/U in and wondered if it would be worth replacing the rear speakers? I gave them a BELTING because I was replacing them the next day... I couldn't fault them, they sounded awesome and handled the extra power.

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I reckon the camrys speakers are right up there for stock, but it seems they compromise sound quality for versatility which is understandable. But yea, like you said i got a massive increase in sound quality after i got the HU regardless of speakers

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