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where to find mods for 03 stivo camry


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If anyone can let me know where the best place to find mods for the 03 camry stivo 2.4 manual would be helpfull,or if there are any other threads on this topic cheers

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Ill get in first and say use the search button as you can find all you need to know there. Look at exhaust, CAI, suspension. Plenty of things to do..

cheers i will check it now just havin trouble findin parts

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Hey mate,

Any particular mods you wanting? Best things for our Camrys are suspension, rims and exhaust... amongst other things (HID retrofits etc) so yeah.

Just looking fo all sorts of mods really trying to get ideas on what can be done to them

exhaust is on the way rims will be later

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Well mate, best mods - 98 octane fuel, good service and making the thing SPOTLESS.

After that, I'd be getting some nice suspension... these things are like boats. Stock suspension sucks **** heaps bad. You can then get the whiteline rear swaybar and front strut brace too. There's a few things to look out for as you can see.

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Yeah its pretty clean and spotless not a mark on it,pretty sure its got a brace/sway bar on front (standard) will be using 98 fuel from now on since we now have the one car it will be easier to afford.

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the sportivo suspension doesnt exactly handle like wet spaghetti through corners like previous generations do, so the best bang for your buck mod suspension wise is a thicker rear sway bar. upgrading the strut tower brace won't give much gain over the stock one. even without lowering it, you'll be suprised at the difference it will make.

in the 2a-fe, the 98 ron fuel wouldnt make much difference at all to be honest. the compression ratio isnt really high enough to take advantage of it fully. imo, youre better off with fuel system cleaner every few thousand kms.

another couple of reasonably priced mods to consider: ported head, exhaust, k&n panel filter

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My bad, didn't see what engine he had... yeh, Premium fuel won't make a difference, if anything, it'll run rich. Had a friend in front of me on an Auscam cruise a year ago running 100 octane on his 4 banger... all I could smell was FUEL. Even windows down didn't help, lol...

Rear swaybar apparently is the best mod by far for the Camry in the way of any upgrade. Makes one hell of a difference going from my car to another car with one in it... mind you, I'm comparing two Gen 3s together. Considering you have the Sportivo, which has much better suspension than say, the Altise... you'd notice a bigger difference if you had the Altise.

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You can also go FI,

Theres a few kits on ebay internation for the 2azfe Scion TC that SHOULD (im getting the kit fitten in the next few months) bolt on dirrectly, however the Intercooler pipping is all wrong, and a Front Mount Intercooler WILL NOT fit the front guards of the Camry unless you muck around with the Radiator Mounting.

Also theres Scion TC (2azfe) extractors that will fit the camry, the only problem with them is they might be a few mm short connecting to the Catback, But if you buy them and get them installed by your local Exuast guys they will fix that for you.

Suffice to the negative feedback i get off other Toyota Forums, there actually allot of mods that you can do to your gen 5 / 5.5.

the engine has allot of performance upgrades in the states... its just a matter of spending the money & time researching and buying from internation sellers.

Be prepared to hear allot of "its a Camry! why would you waste money on it" talk from ALLOT of ppl... but if you trully love your car and want something completely different, Then nothing is impossible... nor too expensive.

;) happy hunting ;)

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if u find where u get a k n panel let me know having trouble finding one in stock. there are also cosmetic mods u can do like mine as i have a 2003 cam too so it basically comes down to cosmetic or engine i chose cosmetic with eyelids/grill/tailights

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i was lucky with my k&n filter, as at the time it was the only one in stock in victoria with autobarn and was only 15 mins drive from me! :P

just due to the demand of performance parts in camrys (which isnt very big at all compared to other cars), a lot of places dont bother stocking parts for camrys. so whatever you get, youll have to order it in - and dont be suprised if you have to wait a few weeks for it to come in

my whiteline sway bar from memory had to come from sydney, and it only took 4 days to get it. both the v6 and straight 4 use the same sway bars in the gen 5, so hope that helps.

another good mod which im about to do shortly is upgrade the front brake rotors to dba slotted rotors. as a "bolt on" mod, i wouldnt imagine it would make a massive difference. but hey, any decrease in braking distance is good :)

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