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New Corona Driver

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Hi all, I'm Nick - mid-thirties and living on Brisbane's north side. Currently driving an 81 Corona XT130 wagon (Aussie made), my partner drives an RT132 Liftback of same year. We go in for budget motoring around here - I had another wagon before the current one and came to like them for reliability and low cost, if not performance! Ah well, can't have everything. Both our current Coronas were low mileage and well looked after when they came to us, they are all usually very cheap but I waited for the right vehicles to come on the market instead of buying something that had already been driven into the ground. We like them and the ease of maintenance has allowed us to keep them going with a minimum of hassle.

We don't really have the time or the inclination to modify them or whatever, they are more in the line of workhorse vehicles. I'd be keen to chat with other owners and hopefully get a few tips on issues that come up from time to time. The technology level is low enough for my spanner skills but what with family time constraints it's always great to get other people's input on problems instead of taking the long way around troubleshooting. I know they are the type of car that few people get excited over but many would have owned or driven one at some stage so there must be a few people out there with some knowledge!

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And here's my previous trusty rusty wagon in a very sad state out the back - being used as a parts storage shed at the moment! And also used as a hotel by the local wildlife - check the furry friend under the dash...


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