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passenger power windows


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my mates 96 2door passenger side power window doesnt seem to work at all..thought i was just the actuator...can someone gimme an insight? how easy is it to fix? and how much would the part be?


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Usually something to check out would be the fuse and/or relay. If this was blown however, all power windows should usually cease to work as well. It doesn't hurt to check them though. The fuse and relay are usually labelled 'PWR'.

Apart from that, a multimeter is a useful tool which you can use to check if the switch is buggered or if the motor in the mechanism is. There is a possibility that the motor itself is stuffed.

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Power windows will play up eventually... Just another electic thing in the end...

Get a test light and see if you have power getting from the body to the door, then to the switch and to the motor...

If you have power getting to the motor and a good earth then the power window motor is stuffed...

If you don't have power at the motor then start looking at your wiring and trace it back till you find the problem...

If you can't find the fault drop it off to your local Toyota dealer :)

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Had a similar problem with my rav/

Passenger side window will not go up or down if either the passenger or drivers side switch is broken

only way is to check both switches for correct operatio using a multimeter.

the circuit fof thr passenger switch includes the drivers switch and vice versa

In my case it was the pasengeer side switch

good luck


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