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Gen 5 Camry Headlights


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Hey guys, I was driving through heavy rain last night and it was ridiculously hard to see the road, before you suggest me upgrading the headlights - I already upgraded the globes to the philips gt-150 globe, has anyone else experienced a dim light or is it just me? Also, any ideas on aiming the headlights properly?

Thanks in advance for any replies

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phillips diamond visions are good (dont know if thats the same as the gt150 you mentioned).

and if your located in melbourne, i felt your pain. had the same problem as you but you also gotta take into consideration that the water refects all other light so your lights may also seem less brighter than usual.

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unless youve have had an accident (and thus an abrupt bump), headlights dont really come out of alignment very easily.

not sure what the philips gt-150 are like, but generally the whiter/bluer the light emitted the lower the night time visibility, especially in fog and rain. clear nights are ok, but for fog and rain more yellowish lights are better

however, i've got philips crystal vision in my low beams and foggies and don't really have any problems with visibility. not sure if youve got foggies on your camry, but i think it makes a difference

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