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not sure what to do with a 1988 camry

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I have recently bought a newer car a 2003 camry sportivo, I am now not sure what to do with my 1988 Camry which I have looked after and had services on it and fixed things when they went wrong. It has done 316000 kms and just had the timing belt done and is in good condition. I wanted to sell it with a RWC and ask $1500 for it, I got my mechanic to check things to make sure that it would pass a roadworthy and now I am informed that I need to spend around $1000, I wont get my money back. I dont want to wreck it either, it has been a great car to me.

Can anyone give me any advice?

Thank you :(

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If you really dont need it then just put $1000 on it and be stress free, let it go..

I had a Corolla GTi totally faultless for 14yrs but towards the end it needed a makeover, said to myself keep it and restore it and blah blah.. Then thought

no, just bite the bullet and sell it.If i didnt, i know it would be sitting in my garage today still untouched. Because at the end of the day it still is JUST a Corolla, and yours will still be JUST a Camry...

Before you know it and after enjoying your Camry Sportivo you wont even think about the old one.. :)

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Hi Guys

thanks for the advice! The Camry is gone and I got $1000 as is! I am happy. Been looking at Ebay and there are a lot on there so it looks like I am lucky! :yahoo:

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