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DIY retrofit headlight beam level control switch in facelift 1ZZ corolla

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After a surprising find of headlight levelling actuators in my headlights in here. I managed to activate this feature by retrofitting a toyota headlight beam levelling switch.

This guide will show you how I wired the beam levelling switch to the headlights.


1x toyota headlight beam levelling switch (i got the switch from ebay UK. its from a toyota avensis): toyota part number is 84512 12060 toyodiy

1x 5pin connector housing is 90980-10789

5x Econoseal J Series Female terminals. i had to trim and bend them to fit in the 5pin connector. From ballenger motorsports

2x Junior Power Timer Female Terminal. From ballenger motorsports

2x wire seal

wire in assorted colours


have one wire for each headlight, crimp the junior power terminal + wire seal and connect to the circled empty pin slot:





notice the blue wire and dark blue wire seal

join the wires from each headlight and pass through the firewall into the cabin.

insert wires with econoseal terminals to the toyota 5pin connector following the electrical diagram:


the wire from the headlight is pin 2 of the levelling switch

tap parker/taillight wire from headlight dimmer sw (pin 10) to pin 1 of levelling switch.

***not shown in electrical diagram*** pin 3 is for switch illumination so connect to pin 1 for power

ground pin 4 and 5 to chassis


install the headlight beam levelling switch


and this is the result!

Please wait a few seconds for Video to Load!

This was done in a facelift 1zz corolla hatchback. It might apply to other corollas but probably not the south african built sportivos

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