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My 1zzfe encounters a 4age

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Last Saturday night 16/07/05 at 12:45 am at Double Bay heading home after a relaxing night. Let me set the scene, it was cold and windy night and my car was low on petrol, going up hill on a nice winding road. I was at the lights around Vau Clause somewhere, when i heard loud base behind me, then beside me emerged a red Corlla SX 4age, with kit mags and exhuast of some kind. Inside the car sat 3 skinny Lebos or Syrian looking guys (you know what i mean, the fully sick Habib type of guys, not to offend anyone and im not racsist) the driver rolls down his windows and start saying offensive statements and made rude gestures to my gf, then he start saying sh** about me, saying stuff like asians cant drive ect. We just ignored those d**kheads, then all of a sudden he start reving his car, at that time i knew it was on and i had to win back my pride, for me, my gf, but also for us chinks out there, we can drive. I heard his exhaust scream besides me, i put my car on nuetral and start reving the engine, pushing the car up to around 5000 revs, my car was rolling back while i was doing this, i was half a car length behind him. The lights turned green, my girlfriend grabed on to my hand tightly, i shifted to drive at 4000 revs my wheels were spnning like crazy, the 4age also had wheels spin, he car took off before mine because of my extra wheels spin and the fact that they were infront of me when i was rolling back. By the time i took off he was a half a car length infront of me, we both ran past an orange light, i started catching up fast and gaining on him, i saw his face coz he thought he had me good, now we were head to head, and i looked at him and cracked a lil smile while the driver was at shock. By the time i knew it,i was a half a car length in front, by the next set of lights i was a car length infront of him. I pressed on excelleration harder to make it thru another orange light, when i made it pasted the line just in time i saw a flash??guess who had thier photo taken...not me that for sure, thier car followed behind me, and i saw the driver swearing and cursing. They caught up at the next light but parked a car length besides me.

I had the best feeling ever, hehe nearly better then sex. I drove all the way home with this grin on my face, then my girlfriend says to me boyz will be boyz aye...lil things satisfy lil minds.... ;) :D :P

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The redlight camera was never my intention i never knew there was one....hahah it was an accident, but if you guys want me to i can haha.

I wouldnt have been so ****** off if those fa*s didnt say ****. But yeh i forgot to hazard them =~( it would have been good opportunity to.

Hehehe atleast i showed them whos master. hehehe

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