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pump the performance


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depends on how much money you want to spend actually :lol:

i guess for basic stuff, you could get a tiny bit of power from upgrading exhausts, intakes, etc.

if you want ALOT of power, as with most cars, nothing short of a Turbo or Supercharger will get you that :P

Toyota have made a Camry TS01 concept with a Supercharged V6, so it is possible to do, although other than that, i have never seen it done before on the current model Camry...

a Turbo is another option i guess, someone in the US has Turboed their V6.

both Turbo and Supercharging options start to get VERY expensive.

anyway, good luck with it B)

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i havent done anything to my car....yet <_<

but from what i can remember, you can get a pretty good muffler for about $400 or so.

exhaust headers, it really depends, since you need to get them custom made, it could endup being $1k+

and an intake, also custom, will probably be around $300-400.

for more accurate prices, you probably want to ask a shop about it :P

the problem is since Camrys arent very popular with modifications :rolleyes:, most of the stuff will need to be custom made.

after all that, hopefully you will notice a little difference in power :lol:

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yeah you can add a TRD Supercharger on your camry, but you just gotta wait for couple of months till its out :)

the TRD supercharger range from $1,200usd - $3,000usd.

If you wanna boost the performance, remove the stock air filter box and change it with POD Filter. Also change the Exhaust. then after that when you have couple of $$$$ change the Headers, piping and all the way to the exhaust piping. :lol: hehehe.... Anything is possible with $$$$

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Can't wait till the new 07 Sportivo is released!!!

I also want to boost the power of my sportivo and doin some investigations into it at moment, nothin to dramatic.

Just recently bought the Fitch Fuel Catalyst for my car (F6t drop-in) check out their web-site

Meant to increase Horsepower and burn less fuel.

I have noticed the difference with the fuel consumption :D but not convinced as yet about the horsepower (recently installed). Saves you money on petrol because the catalysts turn normal unleaded into premium unleaded, works on fuel even when engine is off.



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