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05 ZZE123 Corolla


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Hi All,

There are many nicely modified Corolla's in this community that I've been drawing inspiration from so though I would share a few pics of my universal and practical corolla.

My previous car was a Subaru V7 STi, had it worked a little. Lovely to drive performance, grip, stable, long distance trips, nice gear box and clutch, probably the best all around car I've experienced. Always said Evo's are better for racing but STi's are better for Daily Driving :toast: .

So now your wondering why I turned around and got a Corolla, Basically now that I live in the city and 2km from work I could never stretch the legs on the Subaru plus the sensation of speed had diminished. It was always being run cold and drinking fuel. If I didn't mind spending money on petrol and tires getting eaten by AWD I would have another one, maybe if I win Lotto :g:

I've got a few plans for it, nothing major.

Maybe Koni yellows

2.5 inch cat back. - Need badly!!!!

Energy suspension bushes LCA. - Ordered from dyslexik

When the clutch lets go a Fidanza flywheel.

Current mods:

Injen CAI RD2082P

Camcon CC-101 (Installed with base settings - need dyno)

Hondata IM Gasket

TB Bypass

Enkei Tuning SC02 17x7 (with hub centric locating rings)

exhaust headder Ported

TRD Sportivo Dampers

TRD Sportivo 4kg F & R

DIY Eyelids

35% tint front windows



Not entirely sure about the wheels, any thoughts?



DIY Eyelids with black gloss vinyl, first attempt so hope you guys think it looks good.


Toyo Proxes 4 with Nitrogen



Under the hood with Injen RD2082p


Mobil 1 only the best filters


Hondata on a toyota????? Toydata!!!


Boy That looks dirty, better go clean it up.... Oops fuel light to only ever BP 98.

Thats all for now folks....

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Are you going to get the OBX LSD as well? Also, in regards to the camcon im thinking of getting it also. Just have to get the 2.5inch catback and CAI sorted out first.

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Yeah been talking about doing a 2.5" magnaflow cat back, not sure about getting the magnaflow cat aswell?

I have no plans to install a lsd at the moment, seems like a lot of money and I really don't drive to need one that often to can't justify it. With the biger tires and trd dampners I don't spin the inside wheel often.

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The gurus believe that the stock cat is fine as its already massive enough to flow just as good as any after market cat.

If you get the 2.5inch piping done, prepare yourself for a loss in response.

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How much of a loss are we talking flopper? That is my biggest concern as this car is a daily driver around the city too, get me to work and back.

Now you've got me worried!

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Thanks Flopper, thats really good to know. sounds all good, hopefully I will fill out that dip in power before lift a little bit.

I assume you are talking from experience, so how was fuel consumption affected when commuting any different? as the motor is working in that unresponsive range the majority of the time around town.


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fuel consumption at first was ridiculous, i was getting 300-350km to the tank for about the first 2-3 fill ups, then eventually it got back to normal at about 650-700km to the tank. I used it as my daily and still do. Just dont over take any cars off a set of traffic lights in from the left hand lane if you dont have much room to work with. You wont feel much different, itll just feel like driving a ZRE below 3000rpm, then after that it will go back to normal. I wonder if the camcon can do anything about it.

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DIY LED footwell lights installed

I used some RGB LED strip lighting and controller I was given keeping the cost to a minimum. I would not have done this modification otherwise, as I'm more into the performance modifications.

The LED controller features:

1. Brightness control

2. On and off buttons

3. White + 15 colors color

4. IR remote

5. 10Amp load capacity

6. Strobe etc... and other things I don't need or want

Anyway to power the LED's I'm getting power from two places

1. The door light

2. The dome light on the ceiling

This way the LED's go when the door is opened or car is unlocked and fades off when locked etc... And also goes when the dome light is turned on, to stositionop the dome light from turning on when in the off p and the door light circuit is powered up I installed a diode inline with the power source from the dome light to control the flow of electricity, allowing current to only flow away from the dome light.

All up I had to by a meter of Tile Mate aluminium strip from Bunnings for $3 to mount the strip lighting on and a 3amp diode from Jaycar for $0.36.

Will upload pictures soon waiting for dark to see how it looks.... Ok couldn't wait

YouTube video below going through bunch of the colors.







Edit: i also installed a 16v 4700 micro farad capacitor here so smooth out the dimming as the cars dimming is rather stepped, also created a softer start, just made it nicer.


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I dont think anyone in Australia has actually used one in their sportivo. Matt Glad would be the person to ask, he got something like 130kw at the wheels with it. How much did you pick it up for?

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$305 NZD delivered to my door. I figured it was a good deal?

I know a PFC is better but its also a lot more to buy, tune and it has it's issues. I've been there and done that sort of thing with my old STi

This time I'm just looking for small simple mods I can do myself, and in the case of the Camcon with a tiny bit of dyno time.

Ok not very popular in Australia. Yeah going to message matt soon.

I've found a few settings online even the Power enterprise site has base settings for the JDM 2ZZ, probably best to leave it off tho until I get to the dyno.

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Installed Camcon CC-101 today now for some tuning.

$305 is an awesome buy. The cheapest I found online was $400 not including delivery. To be honest, even if it only manages to squeeze out an extra 5 kw its a good buy considering the price. Also, if it makes the car more economical then its a bonus there. Make sure you post up some dyno graphs.

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I'm going to the shop on Friday to drop off another car for a WOF, so will discuss it then.

May put if off till I get the exhaust done, not sure. Will post up dyno graphs when I have them with out a doubt.

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  • 5 months later...

Fitted the Tom's flywheel and Exedy Clutch.


According to my kitchen scales it weighs 3.6Kg



This was a little difficult to get back when doing the work on the driveway at home. Also installed a new clutch release bearing (not shown in the picture).


All instilled torqued correctly with a torque wrench and a bit of three bond thread locker on the ARP bolts and pressure plate bolts.


While I was in there I tried the shifter bearing mod, so far I like the result.

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Hey mate, anything to update? Howd your tuning pan out?

Na haven't got there yet, I seem to be making all sorts of little changes and given the Camcon is a fine tuner I don't want to do it yet. Also I'm considering selling the Camcon and going standalone...

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  • 10 months later...

Hey Guys, I too have a Corolla with the 2ZZ-GE engine. Couldn't help but notice the Cold Air Intake being used here. Did you notice much difference??

Also I have just put some eyelids on my car - I have attached a picture

Kind Regards



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