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Hilux Off Road Racing

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Hi all, Im not TRD, nor Toyota backed, just a privateer racing a Toyota but I thought Id post up in here as Ive had quite a bit of interest on my racecar. its a 2009 model Toyota Hilux SR5. Its got the standard petrol v6 4.0L and everything is standard on the car. We have put a roll cage in, changed the shocks and got some new tyres and rims and now compete in off road racing. We have had a lot of success with this car with 2 race wins, 1 state Production 4wd win and several top outright positions including 3rd outright at the recent 6 hour Enduro.

Our website is www.flatoutoffroadracing.com or check us out on facebook http://www.facebook....113785785346807

Just something I thought fellow Toyota owners might appreciate :)



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Good on ya mate.Great to hear you doing wonders and kickin ar*e at the same time :toast: .I also drive a 4.0V6 and you dont really realise just how much get up and go they have untill you call on it .So you are still running the original exhaust manifolds or are they short branch headers.Always interested in articles such as yours,

any way mate all the best,take care ;;CONROD

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We have Monster Rides long tube headers, they are awesome for torque and hp, we initially had pacemakers but it took only 300kms to crack them so they got the flick. The new Monster Rides headers ran out the rest of the season flawlessly. Rest of the system is cat less, so cant drive on road, a free flowing muffler and dumps behind the driver door

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Good on ya mate.Great to hear you doing wonders and kickin ar*e at the same time :toast: .I also drive a 4.0V6 and you dont really realise just how much get up and go they have untill you call on it .So you are still running the original exhaust manifolds or are they short branch headers.Always interested in articles such as yours,

any way mate all the best,take care ;;CONROD

I will second that good on ya mate I love to read some more of your posts, as a former hilux owner Im very interested

in all your posts, im a big fan of the 4.0 v6 I had in my prado, there one perler of a engine.

keep up the good work mate, look forward to reading more posts.

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Thanks guys, I should have a bit more to post up in the next couple of weeks. We are racing out at Hyden (Wave Rock) in Western Australia over the Easter long weekend. I will be heading out a few days early to travel to a few schools to talk about the sport and racing, safe driving and also continue my work as an ambassador for IDiS (an initiative within sport against illicit drugs) But stay tuned for more videos photos and reports etc.

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The ARB, Total Asphalt & Traffic Management Hyden 400 was run and won over the Easter Long Weekend at Smithys Place in Hyden Western Australia. With the Yealering even which was scheduled to kickstart the WAORC season rained out, this would be the first chance for Western Australian Off Roader s to stretch their legs for the 2012 season.

For Flat Out Off Road Racing Team driver Jason Galea this event would start a little earlier then most spending several days in the lead up to the race travelling to country schools talk about the event, his race car and what it takes to compete with the best in off road racing. Galea commented “ It was a bit daunting at first, but also very rewarding. You could see the kids all enjoyed it and Im thankful that WDR gave me this opportunity in conjunction with Eventscorps Royalties for Regions Scheme.


Friday would be the day that the all the competitors would arrive at the racetrack and scrutineering would take place. With this completed Jason and navigator Markus Christie would then have an early night before reconnaissance, prologue and section one of the event starting on Saturday morning. As the team set off for reconnaissance in chilly conditions it was noted that this was one of the best tracks that they had seen at Hyden. “Its got everything, real fast straights, rough bumps, big jumps and tight technical areas” Christie noted. Before the challenging section 1, 2 laps around the 67km course the teams would need to prologue to determine the start order.


As the team lined up for the prologue they were interviewed by Rusty Bell from Real Balls Promotions before lining up on the start line and blasting out of the Bat Racing inflatable cave, which set a real atmosphere sitting over the start line. With driver Galea on maximum attack and Christie calling the notes the team achieved a great result, finishing first in class and 12th out of a 40 strong field. The result would sit them directly in between 2 much higher fancied Extreme 4wds, a great result, but one that had Galea nervous. “I think we have out prologued ourselves, Danny (Smith) and even a few buggies behind him should be able to round us up”


As the crew of the 706 Production 4wd Hilux set to work checking the car it was noted that the brakes were getting really hot and the team set about trying to rectify this before the start of the section. When it finally came time for the race to begin the nerves subsided and the boys set into a rhythm, passing Brad Krepp the car directly in front who would end up rolling his car as mechanical dramas slowed him and keeping the other competitors behind at bay. “I think we got lucky, Brad had issues allowing us to pass and I think Danny had problems fairly early too and we just had a dust free run” The team finished the section in 8th outright and still 1st in class, only 4 seconds of the time of Owen Davies who was the first Extreme 4wd and tin top on the road.


Once again the crew set to work, sorting the brake issue out even further and managing a small issue with a broken engine mount. Day 2 would be gruelling, with 4 laps of the 67km course being undertaken in 2 sections of 2 laps with a 1 hour break in between. As the team set off on the first set of 2 laps they had decided to ease the pace slightly. They were holding down a near 10 minute lead in class and didn’t want to risk this. The first 2 laps were clean and they closed the gap on road to Owen to just 15 seconds. During the break the crew again worked the car over, adjusting the brakes which were getting hot again and giving the car a quick service before sending the car out again. With the small gap to the car ahead and Danny Smith bearing down from behind the boys tried to pass Owen however Owen had other ideas. After choking on dust for nearly half a lap the team backed off to let Danny who had raced up to our rear bumper past to see if he could get past. After holding position behind the 2 Extreme 4wds only 5kms from the finish of the 5th lap the hilux handling started to go away really badly. The steering rack nuts were coming undone. After backing off to conserve the car they completely fell off leaving the steering rack held in position by prayers! Galea nursed the car back to the pits, doing the last 2kms at a snails pace.


As the Hilux pulled into the pits the true off road racing spirit was on show. Several other competitors and crews all ran around trying to help find parts and what was needed to get the steering rack held back in place for the last 67kms. As time dripped away Ted Schultz would race past in his Jeep Cherokee and inherit the Production 4wd lead for the first time on the weekend. Special thanks must go to Frank and Justine Galea, Russell Cullen and Phil Shepley who all worked tirelessly to get the car back out on track to regain as much points as possible. The team had lost 15 minutes in the pits and 1st place in class had slipped away.

With the car fixed but now trailing by 5 minutes, Galea went on the attack again, reeling in a passing the 819 Extreme 4wd just 5kms into the track. They then set sights on Lia and Hood who were both just ahead After catching up to Lia, Hood then moved to let Lia past and we were straight onto the back of Hood. Unfortunately it took almost 30kms to clear Hood with the thick dust bellowing out of the back of the immaculate Protruck making visibility difficult. After clearing Hood there was still another 18kms of track in which to make up time on Schultz and hopefully wrestle back the lead. However this time luck would be on our side as first the Super 1650 of Lia would pull over with issues and then Schultz would be sidelined handing the lead back to Galea. It would stay this way to the finish of the event with Galea finishing off the event with a strong 1st in class and 6th outright.

“I’m absolutely stoked with that result, Markus did a great job and I cant thank my parents enough for their tireless work this weekend. It was a great team effort” said Galea after the race. The team is now setting its sights on the Narrogin Chase on May 5th and 6th as an opportunity to go out and have fun before its back to business for the next round of the WAORC at Bencubbin


Flat Out Off Road Racing Team would like to thank it’s the property owners, officials, volunteers and WDR for putting on a great event as well as the crew and supporters who came out to the event. Also to all the sponsors, FJG Engineering, VMN (Vehicle Modifications Network), 4130 Clothing, Gatorz Precision Built Eyewear, Ian Diffen Tyre Factory Jonndalup, Down South Motorsport and Jason Galea Multimedia. On a personal note Jason Galea in his role as an IDiS role model would also like to note and push the IDiS message, Don’t Let Drugs Destroy your future

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Also have a video


And some photos

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 807&type=3

http://www.flatoutoffroadracing.com/201 ... hotos.html

The next race we have now is the Narrogin Chase, which they will start side by side and 30 seconds apart with 18 cars covering the 12km track. Its going to be close and fast and frenetic and I cant wait. My first time running side by side starts with the hilux

Enjoy :D

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