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Rukus Lowering Spring Comparison


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I have been getting alot of pms asking what srpings would be best for my application so I done some research and have now listed the avaliable spring options as well as their drop... ( these are RUKUS / SCION XB specific you can still runn ZRE corolla springs )


- Front 1"

- Rear 1.5"

Tanabe DF210

- Front 1.7"

- Rear 2.1"

Tanabe NF210

- Front 1"

- Rear 1.7"

Eibac Pro

- Front 1"

- Rear 1.2"

Elbac Sportline

- Front 1.2"

- Rear 2.2"


- Front 1.375"

- Rear 2.25"


- Front 1.8"

- Rear 1.8"


- Front 1"

- Rear 1.25"

hope this helps everyone

please keep questions within topic and ill see what i can get done

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yeah you can try ebay unfortunitly most shipping costs will be high though as they are fairly heavy... i got a set of coilovers about 18 months ago as shipping for the coilovers was only an extra 30.00 ontop of the spring price... it is something you need to take into account when buying... otherwise you can try find some springs or coils from a local ZRE corolla it may work out cheaper...

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hey do all of the ZRE corolla coilovers fit straight on to our rukus's?

and CDUCTN, where do you get your suspension parts from man? Everything on ebay is ripped...$300 plus for shipping alone.

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hi, been browsing the King Springs catalogue. Is the info you posted just the standard lowering springs? I see that they have super and ultra low which may be way over the legal limit.

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Hi All

New to the Forums, currently have a 2010 Toyota Rukus Build 1 In Silver (will post pics soon :), I've got a query about suspension, I've contacted a TEIN distributor in QLD who's advised Tein do a basis coilover kit for the Toyota Rumion which I can get delivered from JPN for around $1298, just wondering if they'd actually fit, it mentions the chassis code of ZRE152N (link below)


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Hey dude... Yep they will fit 100%.... What you can do as well is look at coils for the 2008+ scion xb... Raceland have a set very similar to the tein basics but at half to cost.... Some of my contacts in the states have them and swear by them... Here's a link http://www.racelandus.com/coilovers/scion-coilover-kits/scion-xb2-coilovers-2nd-gen.html

You can also try the set from www.scionpro.com . Steve the owner has the best customer service going around...

Up to you but there are a few more options...

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