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Looking for a Mentor (Vic)


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Hi Guys,

I am looking for someone knowledgable and who has a suitable amount of tools to teach me how to do some basic repairs on my 1995 Corolla. I am willing to pay for your time and would like to cover the following:

  • Check manual trans oil
  • Identify (or attempt to) a grinding noise coming while turning left - I have a feeling this is either the wheel bearing or the power steering.
  • Replace wheel bearing or identify problem in power steering
  • Generally get comfortable playing around with parts of the car.

I have always had an inclination for playing with these kind of things and have changed a few sets of brake pads, and even removed and refitted a head to a Falcon under instruction. I am OK with electrical work and have fitted a few stereo's/amps over my time. Unfortunately I have never had anyone to ask the really dumb questions, so basically I want to just get a whole lot more familiar and have some fun.

I'm not looking for anyone to do any hard labour, I'd just like to find someone who can give me some insight and help while I carry out most of the work. I'd also be open to helping people out with any kind of jobs on their cars for free just so I can get some experience.

I am a Software Engineer by trade and have a degree in computer science. I'm currently in a holding pattern while waiting for some big news and as such am free any day of the week. I'd be happy to help out with computer related stuff or give you a hand cleaning out the shed.

I live in Cranbourne, Victoria and it would be nice to find someone within around an hours drive.

Feel free to PM or reply,



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If you want to drive to melton i can help if you want basic 101 stuff

Thanks Jo! I might just take you up on that one day. Little bit far to travel with current condition of car but I will be in touch if I feel like making the trip :) Cheers!

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