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  1. Hey just posting up my Mazdaspeed MS-01s Rays They are forged monoblocks and were powdercoated black by previous owner 16x7 4x100 33 offset Centrebore is 54.1mm The tires are 205/45/16 Re002 with about 3k of freeway use. No track days at all. They have at least 95% as i never really used them for much beside freeway to work. No gutter rash and very minor scratches and can take more pics if anyone is interested. Selling as I am getting another set of wheels. Looking for $1250 Located Melb west Can bring to a TNT or e-go depot for interstate buyers. zero four 34 449 880
  2. Did you have any issues with abs lines or anything with the fortune autos? I did not notice any tabs on them?
  3. Best mod if the car is manuel is to do a normal 3sge engine swap. They are the Japanese motors and came in the mr2 and Celica in Japan. They have 113kw and rev a lot faster and better that the normal engine you have. They are not expensive and the conversion is bolt in and simple. If you wanted to keep your engine, i would do a 5sge, which is a 3sge head and a few others things swapped over and you will have a nice engine that is torque down low and able to rev higher and nicer than before. If you want standard engine, just do exhaust and intake, and service the crap out of the engine and change the fuel filter. That is about it really
  4. Can you rev the car cleanly to 7300rpm without that issue occurring? If it is auto it might be something related to that, like bad auto trans fluid or something. Maybe ask you mech again also?
  5. If you want to drive to melton i can help if you want basic 101 stuff
  6. Does the car hit lift easily? Is the car manual?
  7. Clean or replace the maf sensor it is a kind of common issue. Does it lag a bit when accelerating and when changin gears and when does it hesitate when you go into lift? If yes then it is the maf
  8. Um i would say get the fan fixed as they do help to control the heat when it does go above a certain temp. Water pump maybe but if that was gone you would know about it and the car would be gone. I would start with the fan and make sure it does turn on when the temp gets high. As for the coolant going down, my celica's coolent would go up and down depending on the temp outside. It was not leaking just would go up and down in the bottle for some reason. If you are loosing a lot then i would say it is leaking somewhere and drying up so it will not hit the ground. Say on any hot engine bit. Ohter than that you will have to start with engine problems i think. Good luck
  9. Far our that is a baller list of suspenion mods. Car look amazing btw.
  10. Or get a 3rd gen 3sge much easier to wire in and readily available as was in the mr2. They go cheap and have i think 132kw, just lighten the flywheel and get a better exhaust manifold and you will be flying
  11. Buy a Vtec controller dude. Vtak at 1500 rpm more for added zoom zoom
  12. Can you see what offsett the wheels are? They should be stamped on the inside of the wheel. If it is hitting only a little, you can shave the caliper down a tad. But only if a tiny bit
  13. Stole this from another forum, hope it is useful. Not sure where to put it so left it here. Victoria: I would say Victoria has the best and most varied of all roads in Australia. But then I haven't done NSW/NT/QLD/TAS so can't make that official :P A good friend of mine has shown me most of these along with the descriptions, so now I'll share it with you all: Snake Valley: About 2 hours out from Melbourne just off the Sunrasia Hwy. West region of VIC. Long sweeping turns great for beginners. Speed limit is 100 until you get to the town which drops to 50. Pretty flat with very little inclines, lots of open turns where you can comfortably cruise around 80+ Otway Ranges (off Great Ocean Road, Melbourne bound): Western region of VIC, around 3 hours out from Melbourne. The road through this area is not part of the Great Ocean Road. Intermediate to Advanced driving conditions. Speed limit is 100 throughout. Fast and very tight turns, , narrow roads, high inclines and lots of blind corners. Beware of roadkill and falling debris from forest canopy. Do not travel through this section at night if you are a beginner you will **** yourself. High chance of accidents for less experienced. Forest (off Great Ocean Road, Ararat/Horsham bound): Western region of VIC, 3+hours out from Melbourne. Two roads take you out to Forest. First road is the easier one of the two. Both are off the Great Ocean Road. Beginner to intermediate. Speed limit 100 througout. Mix of long sweeping turns to tighter turns. Wide roads. Speed limit drops in various areas along the way to Forest. Kinglake/Marysville: Eastern/Southern region of VIC. Roughly 90mins out from Melbourne. Tourist route so be prepared. All levels. Beginners may struggle, winter/summer seasons very tourist friendly. Speed limit between 60-100 in certain areas. Very tight roads, blind corners, steep inclines, narrow roads and big cliffs. Very careful in winter. Lake Mountain: Eastern/Southern region of VIC. Around 2hours out from Melbourne. Not as touristy as Kinglake/Marysville but similar conditions. Snow conditions, high speed limits and mainly steep inclines up to Lake Mountain. Need money if you plan to head up to the summit/lodge; $30 per car during snow season. Warburton (from Marysville/Lake Mountain): Eastern/Southern region of VIC. Same amount of time as the two above just add an extra 30mins. Intermediate to advanced. Road is tight, inclines, hairpins; it has it all. Dangerous when wet/snow. Lots of cruisey areas too to break things up. Will test your transmission out if you have manual. Mt Donna Buang: Eastern/Southern region of VIC. Around 3hours out from Melbourne. Snow in winter, mix of dirt roads if you approach from Warburton. Mix of all three. Roads (only 2) in this area will run along and around the valley of the mountain and wind up to the summit. Careful of fog and snow. Need money in snow season to go up to the summit. In heavy fog, you have 0 visibility and it's either half a metre off a cliff, or half a metre into a cliff. Good times! Eltham Road: Heading up to Healesville via Eltham Road is always good fun, going through Kangaroo Ground and then a slow climb up the hills with lots of twisties. A few potholes and dips, but lots of very sharp turns. Neerim South- Mt Baw Baw (Princes Fwy-Main Neerim Rd-Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd-Mt Baw Baw Summit): Once out of Neerim, you pass through the little towns till you get to the tourist road. As you head out you will start to wind up between the valley and the surrounding mountains. This stretch is pretty easy. Next part is just for the tourist road. Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd is the intermediate section of this run. All 100k limit but has a mix of sweeping turns and sharper turns. Plenty of blind corners and the road gets narrow in many sections so you need to take notice of your surroundings. Plenty of places to turn off for sightseeing (such as Neerim Trestle Bridge and the Toorongo Waterfalls). Most of the road is gentle inclines with build up to more steeper the further in you go. Once you get to the intersection where you either go Mt Baw Baw or head to Moe, it changes to advanced. Next part is just for the summit road. Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd-Summit. Highly advanced; you will cook your brakes. This road has everything, it has a high limit (100k throughout) but you will rarely reach it . This whole section you must look ahead!! Very important or you will either smash into an oncoming car or get wrapped around a tree/over the cliff. This road is very narrow and only wide enough for one car. You will need to head to the sides to let other cars pass as they will be doing the same. You have double hair pins, triple S bends and very steep elevation. Most of the run you will spend in the gears. You will barely ever hit the speed limit in this section it is all tight blind turns. Be careful of branches on the roads and when your at the summit let your car rest for a while as you will cook your brakes (mine were giving off smoke when I had the car stopped...). On your way back down take it out of gear and brake earlier, it is very fast as you head back down the mountain. Mt Baw Baw- Moe (Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd and Willow Grove Rd): Advanced (Mt Baw Baw to Willow Grove leg) and Beginner (Willow Grove to Moe leg). Will split this one into two sections; Mt Baw Baw-Willow Grove leg and the Willow Grove-Moe leg. Will start with the later. Once your out of Willow Grove and heading out to Moe, its 100k throughout with small drops to 80 when passing through some of the towns (strangely not all for some reason...). This run is pretty easy for anyone, nice wide roads with generous lane width and long sweeping turns nothing too sharp. Most of the turns range from 50-70 in their advisory limits. Run has very few inclines and in good condition (few rips and pot holes here and there). With the first part of the leg, its still for advanced drivers but offers something different to Mt Baw Baw itself; Its like a faster version of it. Once your out of Mt Baw Baw you take the road to Moe (Willow Grove Road) instead of heading back to Neerim South. From this point forward, its all fast. You have a 100k limit and in many places you will reach it. The first half of this stretch is full of S turns but the road is wide enough to fit dual single lanes. You wont have to move to the sides to let each other pass. The elevation in the first half is far less than on the Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd but unlike that, you are travelling alot faster. Plenty of times your lunch/breakfast will come up and you might get a bit dizzy as its more involved and fast paced. The corner advisory speeds range from 50-80. This is a very fast run with lots of turns and plenty of S turns. Black Spur: Already mentioned, but definitely one of the most popular drives in Victoria. Lots of twisties out in the forest, fast speeds and a few blind corners. Great thrill. WikiPedia even has a nice page about it that's how good it is! Arthur's Seat: 10 corners with a couple of hairpins on a very steep incline. This is a very short run, but an awesome spot for you to challenge yourself and improve your skills as a driver. Not often do you get to do twisties on a mountain with an amazing ocean view! You can often see giant luxury ships in the distance too. This has been the cruise choice for the last two MCM Melbourne meets due to its close location and great fun. Little Desert: Not a very exciting road, mostly all long straights with a few curves. Road surface is poor, it's a two way road but most of it is surfaced for one lane, couple of blind hills. Fun though if you want to go fast. (obviously edited a little bit). Basically, anything around Victoria is great, we have every type of environment and every type of road for all drivers of all skill levels. I still want to go to Tasmania and do all their mountains, then off to NSW for the Blue Mountains and ocean cruises, then off to Queensland for their hills and outback courses.