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Aftermarket reverse carmera install help


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Hi fellow Rukuslian...

I want to install the following aftermarket camera on my build 3 Rukus 2011 but the problem is the plug on this camera is an AV adaptor. Can someone advise how to wire this adaptor to the Factory head unit? Thanks


Also does anyone know where I can purchase painted spoiler in Sydney?



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I just took my one of those out today and adapted the factory cam to the JVC head unit (factory is a 6V camera). You'll need to have the reverse sense wire run in, and the AV lead split to go into the head unit. Probably best to take the 12V feed for the camera from the reversing light at the back, only thing I see being an issue is that the plate lights we have are different due to the keyless entry system to the the Scion XB, mine (2010 build 3) has two small wedge lamps with small housings. I don't think that fits.... If you want I'll get the pins, you need to connect too...

My build 3 didn't have the internal nav either.

One thing though, so far with -just- the head unit replaced, what a damn difference, night and day... now for the tinsey 8" under the drivers seat the SPS-610C for the doors and the dynamat for doors and tyre well ( biggest tinny area around!). Projects don't you love em! :)

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@Parallel, so what you are saying is that your Build of Rukus did not come with Reverse Camera.? when i Purchased the Halo in April of 2011 i found out from the Toyota Salesman that the only Difference with my Halo & the other Builds was having the Reverse Camera & the Moon Roof or Sun Roof as i like to call it & the only Difference in Price was $500 Dollars & i can Honestly Say to all of you here that i wouldn't be without my reverse Camera it is truly amazing i can now go back as far as i can & looking at the small Screen inside is to me a lifesaver, & i will never understand why they not make Cars now in this day & age come Standard with Reverse Camera when they can Save a Life. i can not tell you the technical side of wiring one up to an existing head unit but your Best bet would be to ask an Auto Electrician or maybe an Auto Shop would most definitely know. Also do you need to Buy your rear Spoiler From Sydney.? i had to buy my Spoiler from E-Bay & it wasn't Painted only Primed think i Paid $175 & is extra if you are needing it Primed. Yes the Guy from SA was the one i buy from & I Just Love it He will definitely Look after you & say Hi from Me :D that's if he remembers me :g:

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On another note about reverse cameras, I can't get any of my cords through the boot hatch to reach to my reverse camera near the number plate, I need to run a power and the av cord but can only get as far as the rubber tube between the hatch and the car

Anyone got any helpful tips on this iv tried running wire and other cables down but nothing works

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What's running down that tube? I thought it would only be a power wire for the plate lights... Have you tried using a coat hanger to force it through?

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What's running down that tube? I thought it would only be a power wire for the plate lights... Have you tried using a coat hanger to force it through?

These is a fe wires for all the electrics in the hatch, the rca and the pore wire needs to run down their, I'm having trouble actually getting id down the side of the hatch past the back window area, I couldn't find any where the cost hanger would slide right through

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