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tail light modifications - angry eyes??


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I saw on one of the pics when i recently ordered some 20inch wheels for my TRD aurion of a black aurion where the rear tail lights had been modified so when without brakes, just the outer leds lit up in rings and when brakes were on, they looked like angry eyes..

i havent had time to take the tail lights off my aurion and look into it..

has anyone done this?? is there a "group mod" interested??

i got the aftermarket rotors made for all the TRD brethren after getting frustrated with the "toyota" only option.

Let me know your thoughts.

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those ones....is defyant still on here?? anyone know him?? i would search for the thread but i am having real issues with this forum loading up with where i am.. its really really slow..

i have sent defyant a PM..

but on top of all this, is anyone else interested in doing this??

i'll post up some pics once i get the 20inch vertini's on there..

also, coming up for sale will be some TRD rims

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thanks rebz..

i have a 3500 S..

they are the dark or gunmetal grey TRD wheels..

plastic centres have cracks in them and some kerb rash on them.. think one or two of them are missing the metal spring catch but they have not fallen off

I use the car maybe once a month.. it sits in storage so i will take some pics when i next drive it... been looking at selling it, but after looking at all sorts of cars for the last 6 months.. i just love the fuel economy and relentless acceleration you can do in it to 200km/h..

I have been toying around with reflash maps for the ECU. nearly there :spiteful:

working with a guy in melbourne on it.

i dont think i can post it in the for sale section here so i may just stick it on gumtree or something.. i wont sell them till i have the 20inch wheels on there.. should happen in the next few weeks.

i'll let you guys have first dibs on it.. i'll post some pics of them and the ones with worse damage on them.. i think a new coat of powder coating will bring them up as good as new..

ps - rebz, that link you posted of deyants thread, i am getting some sort of error 404 on it

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i got the vertini hennesys.. actually wanted the fairlady.. but the ones they had in stock would NOT clear the TRD calipers

they were really good about it.. took a few days but man, they know their stuff...

i left it in their hands.. being my age and all, i didnt want the wheels rubbing the guards... they are 8,5inch wide but running 20 series profile rubber on it...

now if i just dye my hair grey, swap the jetski's i tow on the back for a gopher and a golf buggy...

the transformation will be complete :ph34r::clap:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for response guys.

After seeing my car with the 20inch and 8.5inch rims, decided to leave the lights alone. But i am toying with the idea of doing something with the fog light area.

Dont know who the guy was the other day i saw in perth around belmont area. He had the aftermarket headlights with the LED rings etc on. And a gs40 sportivo. He was looking very pleased with himself as he came around a corner. Then proceeded to stare at my car nearly running into another car!!

Tried uploading pics but having broken my phone few days ago, i am back to nokia 3210 till new ones arrived.

TRD Rims look good on new gs50 sportivo btw. The styling of the new one is yuuuukkkk!!

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