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Front component speakers


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Hey guys

Now I know this has been covered but not too well I'm afraid .

At the moment I'm install all my Rockford bits and I'm not sure how to get at the tweeters????

Also after reading some old material it would appear that the stock units don't run on a cross over.

Has anyone installed a similar setup and care to help me with my wiring ????


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yep. i have.

i believe you are correct, i think the tweeters and woofers run on separate outputs and might be controlled from the head unit itself.

i'm running type r components. its simple, pop off the grill that covers the tweeter. for the drivers side, i fed the wire down and it comes out just behind the dash. and for passengers side, easiest way is to remove the glove box and other stuff til you get to the fuse and relay box, and the wire will come out there. as for the crossover, seeing as they were small, i put them in the kick panels.

do remember that you will have to make a bracket for your new tweeters to sit in. just use the factory speakers for a template.

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Okay so your saying I can take just the speaker output.

(Eg pink and purple pos and neg Front left.)

Cut the stock tweeter and ignore the 4 wires of the same colour.

And just run a output line to both from my crossovers?

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essentially yes. you can just use the front woofer wires and run that into your cross over. i'm not too sure what the colours are for the tweeters

before i got my components, i had an amp going to the stock speakers, and the tweeters were still connected to the headunit and it wasn't the same volume as the rest of the speakers, so i just snipped the wires.

however, now i'm running my components off an amp.

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So on the diagram in front of me.

Left side

The pink in pos and the purple is neg.

Also on the tweeter it has

2 x positive pink ans 2x neg purple bridging at the tweeter

So I have changed my woofer and connected it with the terminals left behind.

I followed these woofer wires back to the unit cut that somewhere I could mount my crossovers

Used the pos and neg from the head unit as my input to the cross over

Connected the already connected woofer line to my new speaker as. Woofer output on the crossover.

Then mounted my new tweeter and ran my own two wires straight to the. (Disguarding the stock tweeter loom all together )

Tweeter output on my crossover.

Sound right

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If I followed correctly then that should be fine. However I have the feeling the stock tweeter is still connected. I have to guess that the for wires going to the tweeter are a set for input and a pass through for the woofers.

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Ok so what I have done is removed my stock tweeters, cut the **** out of them and used the existing metal baffle. Then you need to bridge the two existing tweeter wires together, then it's just a matter of hooking up your crosser into the tweeter input.

Took a while but it's done thank god. Sounds sick!!!

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