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KN698757TTK - K&N Cold Air Intake system designed for Toyota Corolla.

Ordered it from Repco for $580 and spent a couple of hours installing it this afternoon. (Sorry I have no step by step pics but the know it all neighbour kept coming to bug me). It was very easy to install and comes with step by step instructions.


Took her for a test drive, the cai helped muffle the catback exhaust and give it a meatier sound. The CAI kicks in around the 5k rpm mark to give it a boost. Didn't get to let her really fly but have to retrain the computer to handle the new mods.post-34530-0-88412100-1389178394_thumb.jpost-34530-0-58566100-1389178399_thumb.jpost-34530-0-88362400-1389178405_thumb.j

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No CEL thank god. I think because the typhoon is specifically designed for the corolla it works fine because you don't require any adjustments like if you were installing the injen cai.

THe brake lights have been sprayed with night shade tint. I did the sides with a few extra coats as there aren't any lights that illuminate on that side but the rear where the lights are, is a lighter shade. When I originally sprayed them it was way too dark and had to strip them and respray them. Only prob is it was a rushed job and on the side if you look closely there's a bit of paint sag.

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Just an update on the CAI, my exhaust was extremely loud to the point it would put to shame a lot of the V8's, even wrx's. Over a few days of driving I have noticed the exhaust sound has quietened down since the addition of the K&N Typhoon. It wasn't a sudden change more a gradual change over the week. It still roars if I put my foot down but not to the extreme like it used to. The same happened with my partner's lancer, we had a cannon exhaust put in the same day I had my catback installed, then I fitted a new pod and it muffled hers down too.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this too as this is the first car I've done mods to?

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