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automatic transmission sport mode


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i've owned my aurion for a few months now and i find that when turning into corners the car drops a gear which is quite annoying and sometimes when coming to a stop you can feel the transmission changing gears which is normal, i know, i have found that if you put the transmission into SPORT mode and select the highest gear, number 6 in our case, the outcome is that the transmission acts in a more behaved manner, when turning corners, it no longer drops a gear as violently, you can hardly feel the gear changes, and when starting from a stand still, it changes gears sooner, its possible that this can also increase fuel economy but haven't tested this on a full tank, i'm curious to know if anyone else has tried this method and what the outcome was,

you're input is grealy appreciated.

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You could always visit your local dealership to reset the ECU on the gearbox so you can retrain it, that might make it behave how you want it to.

This maybe what I need. Does anyone know if disconnecting and reconnecting the battery resets the trans ecu? Have done this previously to reset the computer with regard to intake mods but never really considered tranny. Are they a separate system? My gearbox lags with about a second to second and a half from when I bump the stick till when it changes gear. Always figured this was how it is and just learnt to live with it. Would love to cut down that lag though.

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